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We live in a “got to have it right now” world. Information provides us with the ability to make better decisions, comply with regulations and complete tasks. Our team designs software that manages and maintains the contents that your business or organization produces.

We design and implement content and document workflow processes so your information can be sent and tracked to other staff members creating efficiencies. From old emails to documents stored in file cabinets we believe if we can provide your information as fast and accurate as possible the productivity of your staff will increase tremendously.

We create a centralized location for all content providing security and recovery if an unexpected failure occurs. From small offices to enterprise environments we simplify the implementation of a real time content and business management solution. Throughout the process you will see a variety of benefits such as:

Content Management

Documents need to be accessed in a variety of forms from various locations. With Document Solutions from Datamax, there are a variety of options to streamline your document processes and reclaim precious office space that is currently being taken over by clumsy file cabinets. Electronic document solutions provide an easy way to store all of your company’s information, but still have it readily available.

Electronic Faxing

Fax server technology allows far greater functionality for faxing. Datamax can provide your organization with flexible, high performance enterprise class faxing for your business today. Whether your fax system is from a standalone device, multifunction system or fax server, some of the features that your organization will benefit from are fax routing, multiple line support and multi-task access.

Document Routing & Capture

The movement of documents is very important to your organization. It is how you communicate information internally as well as to external sources. Our multifunction systems can help scan and disperse documents to a variety of destinations. Routing and capture is also essential to creating an electronic document management system with easy indexing.


If you want your office to run more efficiently, you need to focus on your workflow. By increasing operational efficiency through workflow optimization you can streamline almost any manual office process. Automated processes save time and eliminate costs.

To learn more about document management and how a document management system from Datamax can help optimize your office, please contact us today!

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