Go Vertical - Insurance


The uncertainty of economics, the cost of catastrophe, the flood of paperwork—just a few of the things that have today’s insurance providers scrambling for a little coverage of their own. At Datamax, our technology portfolio provides such coverage enabling companies to lower costs, automate processes,and improve policy holder communications. We’ll take care of managing your technology so you can better focus on managing your risk. Count on Datamax to maximize the technology that matters!

Datamax can help you:

  • implement electronic policy application forms and workflow to alleviate broken or manual paper processes and reduce expense,
  • quickly access content to create customized case proposals for existing policyholders or prospective new clients,
  • securely manage and disclose information during policy creation and underwriting to minimize risk of potential legal disputes,
  • leverage instant access to information in order to deliver superior customer service and achieve higher policy retention rates, and
  • manage sensitive records through authentication, encryption and other solutions to ensure regulatory compliance.

Advantages You'll Realize.

Enterprise Content Management

Assemble, manage and access the wide variety of claims settlement content and documentation (i.e. forms, accident reports, appraisals, photos, email, etc...) to significantly speed up overall processing.

Document and Client Security

Protect sensitive client information with strict adherence to the Sarbanes- Oaxley Act (SOX) and other compliance standards. Our devices set the standard for providing protection services to ensure client data is optimally secured.

Mobile Printing

Offer insurance agents and processors the freedom to print and scan 24/7 on any networked MFP from any location with secure wireless communications.

Workflow Management

Optimize productivity and reduce labor costs with customized and integrated workflows that combine multiple tasks into single processes.

Processing Cost Reduction

Lower administration and processing costs through deployment of automation for document capture, OCR, validation, and allocation to respective administrators.

Services We Offer.

Technology Consulting

Align important architectural-related goals with technology through Datamax XpertTM consulting. We can help you assess and improve how your current document and information technologies are supporting your core business requirements.

Network Management

Leverage comprehensive network services featuring TechCare® Managed IT Services, Cloud Services, Information Security Services, and TechXpertTM for IT Specific Projects—all with 24/7 TechView® remote help desk support.

Print Management

Optimize your print output through best-in-class print technology and the industry’s most responsive approach to managed print services— PrintCareTM. All supported 24/7 by PrintViewTM—remote access for printing and connectivity.

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