6 ways to easily streamline your Print Production.

Most print operations know the secret to maximum efficiency is automation. What they may not know — achieving better workflow isn't as daunting as it seems. This Fiery eBook shows how!


Automating workflow in a Print Production arena is easier than you think... much easier!

No matter whether you're an automation novice or expert, a In-plant operation or commercial printer, you can gain positive results in operational efficiency, reduced costs, and improved profits with better automation.

Learn how you can be more successful by adding automation to your printing workflow in six easy steps with our complimentary Fiery eBook. 

The six building blocks we'll line up in this eBook:

  • Hot Folders and Presets
  • Job Imposition Automation
  • Basic Prepress Automation
  • Advanced Prepress Automation
  • Post-press Automation, and
  • Integration with Other Systems

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