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Streamline Your Business Processes to Improve Productivity and Profit

Are you looking for ways to improve and streamline your business processes? A great place to start is to evaluate your current business practices.

Practical Steps to Enhance Information Security

When one thinks about threats to organizational security, the words hackers and computer viruses come to mind. In this world of network attacks, printers, copiers and fax machines are easy to overlook. These systems can store trade secrets, financial and medical information, and valuable information like customer lists or pricing schedules. Loss of this information could be devastating.

Import Paper-Based Information in Your Workflows

There has been a movement to incorporate new document capture technologies into businesses worldwide. Why would you spend hours patiently keying in information from delivery tickets, sales orders and remittance stubs when you could automatically extract information from scanned documents?

Lexmark’s Laser Solution Makes Creating RFID Documents Affordable

By Jamie Bsales, Associate Editor, July 28, 2009