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Comparing Printers Before You Buy

If you’re in the market for a color laser printer for the first time, you are in for some surprises and a few shocks. Color laser printers have come a long way in function and reliability and are now offered by a large number of companies. Laser printers can be all-in-one machines and be as industrial-strong as any company would need them to be. They can also be more moderately priced for the smaller companies and even less expensive for home, business, or personal use.

Email Archiving

By Corey Smith

MFPs and Network/Data Security

By Tristam Wallace

The Trouble with Ink Jets

My last couple of blogs have been about the unseen costs of printing and the benefits of color. So how can you responsibly incorporate color printing into your business plan without running up costs?

Is your organization wasting 10% of its salary bill searching for information?

A new report by Datamonitor argues that many organizations waste 10% of their staff costs because employees can not find the right information to do their jobs. Over 50% of staff costs are now for employees performing “information work”. But the employees are suffering from both information overload and information underload, and as a result they spend up to 25% of their day searching for the right information. Datamonitor argues that this why some organizations could be frittering away as much as 10% of their staff costs on wasted effort. The report goes on to say that ineffective search and discovery strategies are hampering business competitiveness, impairing service deliver, and putting companies at risk.