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Free Up Office Space with Multifunction Devices

Not long ago, cellular phones were simply used for phone calls. However, today we can e-mail, text, surf the internet, take pictures, and even watch movies on our cell phones. It is very clear that we expect a single device to do more than just one task. This should not be any different in the workplace.

With the digital revolution in full swing, people are getting more and more used to working with a myriad of devices, each designed to make our lives just that little bit more convenient. The traditional office probably includes printers, fax machines, copiers and scanners. These devices not only take up physical space, but they also consume financial resources.

Just as our cell phones have integrated with other devices, a multifunction printer (MFP) can combine various document-related tasks into one easy-to-manage machine. With a MFP, your company can cut overhead costs and free up valuable space. Plus, you can help enable remote employees with easy online integration.

In addition to combining printing, scanning, copying and faxing into one machine, the addition of electronic document management will free up even more space and increase productivity. Digital storage is extremely cost-efficient and works in conjunction with a MFP.

It is very easy to take advantage of a single device that can do the job of multiple pieces of equipment. No longer will you have to decide if you should purchase another copier or another desk. Multifunction printers will save your business money and improve workplace efficiency.

Relieve Your IT Department with MPS

It is very easy for your IT team to become overwhelmed by end user issues and lose sight of your company’s core business initiatives. Many of these end user issues relate to office printing. Paper jams, offline systems and supply shortages consume IT professionals because rarely can they fix these issues remotely.

Luckily, there is a solution. Managed Print Services (MPS) can help your IT personnel focus on their tasks. Furthermore, MPS will make your entire printer fleet more efficient and cost effective by eliminating printer management from the tasks of your IT team and providing the following services:

· On Site Service: A certified technician will come to your office to take care of any service issues with your devices.

· Maintenance: Like all mechanical devices, printers require maintenance. With MPS, your devices will receive preventative maintenance to minimize printer downtime.

· Help Desk Support: MPS provides your end users with a number to call for all their printing questions, reducing distractions to your IT department.

· Supplies Management: Manage Print Services will monitor supplies for all your various devices. You will receive supplies as necessary to avoid extra storage needs without being stuck without supplies when necessary.

IT resources are critical to the success of your company. Now you can ensure your IT department can stay focused by enrolling in Managed Print Services.

Cost Effective Color Printing

The use of color documents is continuing to rise in almost every industry. Therefore, you are probably looking for ways to reduce their color output costs. Fortunately, there are several smart ways that you can enjoy the benefits of color printing.

Tip 1: Avoid Ink Jet Printers

Color ink jet printers are often bundled with the purchase of a PC. Therefore, it is easy to accumulate them without actually purchasing them. Unfortunately, they are actually the most expensive color output devices to operate when running full-color documents longer than 1-2 pages.

Tip 2:  Eliminate Unnecessary Background Color

Documents with solid color backgrounds use a considerable amount of toner and take more time to process, slowing down the printing time. This can cause costs to skyrocket.

You can increase productivity and reduce costs by using bright colors on a white background. While a colorful background may look good on your computer screen, that same image will actually look more professional when printed with a white background.

Tip 3: Utilize Your Multifunction System

You can easily add color with your color-enabled multifunction printers. For about the same investment as a black-and-white copier, a color-enabled MFP will allow you to print, copy, and scan in full color for a fraction of the cost of ink jet or laser printers. Furthermore, the faster printing speeds will help increase office efficiency.

Your office can utilize color printing and still keep costs low. To figure out how, contact us today.

Reduce the Costs of Your Print Environment

Did you know that documents can cost your business up to 3% of your annual revenue? And a large portion of this expense comes from office printing. However, when properly managed, you can reduce your printing expense by nearly 30% while simultaneously increasing productivity in your office.

The first step to decreasing costs is to centralize the purchase of printer supplies. Often times, print supplies are purchased by individuals or departments. Furthermore, print cartridge expenses become buried in supply budget lines, making print costs impossible to track.

By centralizing your printer supply purchasing, you will be able to take advantage of several vital benefits, including:

· Management Control: By moving printer operation costs from departmental supply budgets to a single manageable line item you will be able to easily identify the areas that have the highest print costs

· Lower Costs: Take advantage of centralized purchasing by consolidating print cartridge purchasing. Supply orders can be made in bulk and inventory can be reduced to lower total costs.

All it takes to start saving is a print management assessment. We can help you identify printer cost savings and employ tactics to lead to a more profitable print environment. To learn more, contact us today.