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Growth Strategy in a Down Market: Use Color

In a tight economy, it is hard to justify spending a bunch of money on high-end advertising that may or may not bring profitable results. However, you need to continue to increase your business, so what are you options?

Your most valuable resource is your list of current clients. Clients who have already purchased a service or product from you are much more likely to  purchase again. It is important to ensure your current clients are aware of all the products and services you offer.

A cost-effective way to keep your clients informed of upcoming promotions is through color statement stuffers. If you are already mailing a statement to a client, you might as well include additional information about new products or promotions.

With easy color output in many multifunction devices, you can create color inserts that double as marketing materials for mere pennies.

Inserts can be conveniently created on your computer from templates with popular software like Microsoft™ Publisher. The inserts can be printed on your color output device and included with statements, invoices, or even newsletters.

Instead of creating a simple insert, you can also create an entire color invoice complete with marketing material. Existing invoices can easily be reformatted using Electronic forms software to print in color. A marketing message or upcoming promotion can be added anywhere on the new invoice layout.

In addition to creating new business from your current clients, color invoices have been proved to get paid faster, improving your collection process.

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Utilize Access Controls for Reduced Print Costs

Most multifunction systems today come equipped with advanced access controls. Despite having a large breadth in functions, these controls are actually very easy to use. Plus, by monitoring print usage, you can reduce your costs greatly by supervising usage by department, work group, or even individuals.

Access controls work in conjunction with the security features of your multifunction to set up PIN codes or card-access for desired users. By requiring every user to log in to the multifunction, you can get a clear report on how the device is being used. You can also set authorizations based on access groups. For example, you may want your Marketing Department to have access to color printing, but feel it would be unnecessary for the Sales Department. With access controls, you can minimize unnecessary color printing and reduce your costs.

Effective print monitoring also allows you to create defaults for certain access groups. You can set print jobs to automatically duplex (two-sided printing) to help save paper. This is a quick and easy solution that will yield instant results.

Multifunction devices are often used as a gateway to a company’s document management system. Access controls can ensure that unauthorized users do not get into confidential documents. Just as you can dictate print capabilities, you can also select which users can retrieve or view certain files, folders or specific documents. Controlled access limits your company’s liability and encourages employee responsibility.

Print management has been made quite simple with access controls on most multifunction devices. Once the controls are set up, managing your printing expenses and security is a breeze. Plus, with easy to use interfaces, the set up process can take just a matter of minutes.

Use Color for Impactful Proposals

A study conducted by the University of Minnesota found that the use of graphics increased the persuasiveness of a message by 47%. This is due to the fact that color graphics help people learn faster and then retain what they learned. Therefore, it is a very logical step to send out proposals and marketing materials in color.

When using color, it is crucial to use it effectively. If the graphics are related to your message then it will actually become more of a distraction than a teaching aid.

Here are some ideas to consider when creating a color proposal:

Include the Client’s Logo. By adding the customer’s logo, the proposal will automatically feel more personalized and custom. However, make sure your logo is not sized larger than the client's logo.

Incorporate the Client's Colors. By replicating the client’s colors throughout the proposal, you can easily create a sense of familiarity. As the client looks at the proposal it will feel very comfortable.

Use High Quality Graphics. When adding photos or clipart be careful not to stretch or skew the image. You don’t want the graphics to come out pixelated or blurry.

Charts and Graphs Will Reinforce your Point. People are more likely to look at graphics rather than read lengthy paragraphs. By including charts and graphs, you often get paragraphs of information in one single statistical image.

Develop Professional Templates. You can drastically increase your professionalism through the use of a graphic designer. The designer can create a custom template for office software for a minor fee.

With easy and cost-effective color printing, you can make your proposal materials more profitable.

With a small amount of effort you can make your proposal materials look great and make a profitable impact. Images and graphics make a large impact on prospective clients and can help you to solidify the sale.

HP: The Future of Printing is in the Cloud

By Marlene Orr, Senior Printer Analyst, June 8, 2010

Consolidate Your Information with a Document Management Program

This is the challenge businesses face today—to take fragmented repositories of information and combine them into one, concise system. From copiers and fax machines to Microsoft Office and email, we expect these technologies to make our life simpler. Instead, they can tend to make it more complex.

Enter Document Management Programs

Many small businesses and corporate departments are enjoying the benefits of new document converging technology. Paper, digital and email documents are finally able to be handled by one system.

- Scanners and Multifunction Systems enable the rapid conversion of paper documents into common digital formats like PDF files. These documents can be sent as email attachments our directed to a network folder.

- Optical Character Recognition technologies convert scanned text into editable text. Documents can be scanned directly into applications like Microsoft Word where they can be edited.

- Electronic Document Management Systems provide a central repository for scanned images, electronic documents and emails. This means that you can find everything you need with one search.

Can Your Customer Service Be Improved by Document Management?

Fragmented systems delay customer service interactions and extend billing cycles. Misfiled information hampers audits and regulatory compliance efforts. Inaccessible information is not available to support management decisions.

You can take advantage of our expertise to help streamline the flow of information in your organization- and start being more productive today.