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Standardization in The Workplace

In 1908, Henry Ford built the first Model T which sold for $825. By 1913, he introduced the moving assembly line which provided for a significant increase in efficiency and a decrease in the cost of production. By 1916, the cost of the Model T reduced to $360. The ability to allow costs to be low through standardization allowed for over 15 million Model Ts to be sold over nearly 20 years.

The Unknown Benefits of Scanners

Few things that were invented more than a few years ago are generally still alive and well in the workplace environment nowadays. This is typically the scenario due to the speed of advancements in technology and how several items become dated with the arrival of brand new technology. Usually there are some conditions to this principle, however, and one of the most commonly acknowledged conditions is your company scanning device.

Begin Saving with Managed Print Solutions

Managed Print Services are a way for businesses to regain control of their print environment and begin saving by making a few simple changes. Businesses seeking to regain control of their print environment are looking to accomplish a number of goals. Whether you are looking to reduce costs or enhance your green initiatives, Managed Print Services will help you reduce excess and unnecessary printing from your office.

The Many Benefits of Switching to Multifunction

There have been many advancements in office printing equipment in recent years. With advancements in affordable color printing technology, as well as affordable multifunction devices, there has never been a better time than now to make the switch to multifunction printing technology. Whether you are looking to equip your office with multiple multifunction devices or are simply looking to supplement your current arsenal of copiers and printers with a single multifunction device, Datamax has a solution for you!

Optimize Your Office Workflows

It is very important to understand the way that documents flow throughout your organization. This is also known as your workflow. By taking the necessary steps to understand your workflow, you can make the changes necessary to optimize your workflow efficiency. One such change includes automating the flow of documents throughout your business. This helps to eliminate unnecessary steps and inherent redundancies within the system, ensuring that the workflow takes the most direct path while always getting to everyone it needs to.