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The Potential Pitfalls of Improper Equipment Consolidation

The consolidation of equipment in your office is a positive step towards increasing office efficiency. However, if you do not properly consolidate equipment and don’t take into account the overall need and deployment of equipment throughout your office, it is easy to actually hinder the productivity of your employees. The top problems that businesses have in regards to the deployment and consolidation of their equipment include:

Do Inkjet Cartridges Really Need Replacing?

Everyone has had that home printer that seems to miraculously run out of ink every other month even though you rarely use it. While this doesn't apply quite as fittingly to large scale office printers, smaller or home printers are affected by this continually. It can be difficult to tell how much ink you actually have left in the cartridges and how much you need to finish a printing job. It may seem like you just replaced the cartridge and somehow you are getting warnings flashing when you print something that cartridge ink is low.

Get More Efficient In Your Office

With the business world always evolving, progressing and moving, it is essential that your office operate efficiently. Without being effective with time, money and energy, a business will surely fall behind and get lost in the shuffle of today's high speed world. When considering the operations of your office, here are a few services that may help it be more efficient.

Hidden Costs of Printing Part 2

As we mentioned in a previous post, there are many printing costs that aren’t apparent at first. Only once you've made your purchase and begun using the equipment do these expenses begin to show. Here are just a few more.

Hidden Costs of Printing Part 1

Even though an average of 2% of annual revenues are consumed with office printing, most companies have no idea how much they are spending to operate their fleet of laser printers. Most costs associated with printing go unaudited and most organizations spend far more in print reproduction than they realize.