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Recover Costs in Your Printing Practices

Most people don’t think about the back end costs associated with printing.  Many workers have the mindset that once you purchase a piece of printing equipment, then prints are basically free from that point on. This couldn’t be further from the truth and the inability to track these costs exacerbates the issue. With a print management program, your business will be able to recover wasteful spending through these steps:

Supplementary Benefits of Document Management

When businesses consider switching to a document management system, there are a few main benefits and advantages that are well known. These advantages are repeated again and again and there is little said about additional benefits to a document management system. We hear about accessing documents from anywhere, improved security and reduction of paper use and file space. Well this article is a little different. Here are a few supplemental benefits that are more side effects of a document management system.

Disaster Recovery – In the event of a devastating disaster like a flood or a fire in the building, all of your business files and documents are backed up to an offsite location. This backup method is far more effective than its paper based counterpart and can save the business an incredible amount of time, money and frustration.

Competitive Edge – While some of your competitors are still operating on a less efficient paper based system, you can get a jump on everything from product launches to customer service because your internal workflow and document systems are more efficient and effective.

These two supplementary benefits are powerful enough on their own, but when combined with the main advantages that document management offers, the system is quite impressive. If you are considering switching to a more efficient document management system, contact us today!

This article was originally posted on Maryland Copiers website Southern Solutions.

The Evolution of Copy Machines

Over the years, copy machines, printers and multi-function devices have evolved and adapted to fit our business needs. Just like Darwin’s theory of evolution, all of the best traits in printers and copiers have lived on and improved while the less desirable characteristics have fallen by the wayside.

When copy machines were first introduced, they were incredibly bulky, took up a large space in the office, and produced questionable quality copies. Over time, the machines began to shrink in size and produce higher quality scans and copies. Then the introduction of multiple functions occurred. Instead of having a printer and a copy machine, it was now possible to add scanning, faxing and other functions to make one machine to do it all.

 Printers and multi-function devices are now small enough to easily be used in a home setting. The interesting part is that since all of the technology is available to make multi-function devices that can serve all of our needs, many firms and individuals are going back to having separate machines for different operations. This is because each machine can specialize in that action creating a higher quality product. This is especially true for specific applications like wide-format printing. The volume a machine produces regularly also affects the amount of consumables used so different machines make sense depending on the usage.

It is interesting to look back at the evolution of our office equipment as business has changed. If you are interested in state-of-the-art printers, copiers or multi-function devices for your office, contact us today!

This article was originally posted on Juneau Copiers website The Competitive Edge.

Working From the Cloud With Document Management

When talking about the ‘cloud’, all this refers to is the ability to store and access a business’ documents online. This brings with it a host of advantages and for that exact reason, is becoming more and more popular for businesses today. The basic benefit that using the cloud facilitates is the ability to access work documents from any location and on any device with internet access. This single advantage opens doors for improving many systems and operations within the company. Here are just a few:

Workflow – The ability to access work documents anywhere vastly improves workflow through current business systems. Whether this is internal distribution of important procedural documents or the process a business uses for its customer service. It allows the company to connect with customers and give them access to specific documents and files improving the customer experience and creating more value.

Teamwork – When members of a team can access essential documents and files from any location, employees no longer have to be in the same meeting room. This enables work, sharing, and collaboration on the go. It also makes it easy to get an outside opinion on projects and to track progress remotely.

Security – Information is the lifeblood of any organization and is stored in the company’s important documents. In order for a user to gain access to specific documents on the cloud, they must have the credentials and the correct account information. Permissions can be granted and withdrawn at management’s discretion.

With all these fantastic benefits, it only makes sense to consider a cloud sharing document management system for your business. Contact us today to learn more about the cloud and how it can help your company!

This article was originally posted on Concord Printers website Continental Business Systems.

Use the Photo Capabilities on Your Multifunction Device

If your business is still using personal photo printers, then you can save a significant amount of time and potentially money through using a color multifunction device. If your business already owns a color multifunction device, then it only makes sense to utilize that piece of equipment to improve your processes. Here are just a few of the reasons why printing photos through your multifunction device can benefit you.

A multifunction device is multiple times faster when printing photographs and can maintain the same level of print quality.
With a multifunction device, you have far more sizing options. You can print many different sizes up to a regular 8.5 x 11 letter size while with a photo printer, you will be restricted to select sizes, and sometimes only 4 x 6.
You don’t need another printing device. Multifunction devices can handle other printing jobs and can serve multiple purposes.
With a multifunction device, you can scan photos or pictures directly into your computer and then store or distribute them as you please.

With multifunction devices being very sophisticated these days, it only makes sense to optimize your business equipment to fit your needs. To hear more about the power of multifunction devices and how they can serve many purposes in your business, contact us today!

This article was originally posted on Omaha Office Supplies website Capital Modern.

Save Money in Your Business Operations

All businesses are seeking to cut unnecessary spending to improve their bottom line. With everyone out there looking to cut costs, there are many different areas of your business where expenditures can be reduced. One less common method is to reduce the businesses spend on printing costs. Here are a few ways to reduce your costs in the printing department.

Accrue Additional Savings with a Print and Document Management Combination

While both print and document management services can lead to savings within your office, combining the two services will maximize savings, waste reduction and productivity. These simple steps can lead to many new productivity-enhancing methods within your business as well. Simply enhancing the productivity of your employees will increase the quality of work and the quantity of work that is completed, meaning that you have higher savings that are not reflected directly by your annual budget.