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Keep Your Devices Up to Date with Certified Technicians

Staying up with regular maintenance for your copiers and printers may be difficult, but it can end up saving you significantly in the long run. These savings come not only in the form of reduced repair costs when something does go wrong, but also in improved productivity through a reduction in device downtime. There are many ways to maximize the benefits of regular maintenance on your office printing devices. We have complied some of the best ways to minimize repair costs over time. These include: 

Quick Tips to Save on Printing

Print Management programs allow for offices to discover their print environment and make the correct steps towards a more printing-conscious office. While a full-blown print management program will allow you to reduce printing on a massive scale, there are simple switches that you can make to reduce printing in your office. Simple printing strategies to save include:

New Innovations from Canon are Sure to Impress

Canon announced on September 17 that it is unveiling its newest product and adding to their already impressive digital imaging solutions line. The products are known as the PIXMA-PRO -10 and the PIXMA-PRO-100 and will be upgraded additions to the already well- established PIXMA-PRO-1. They are built with the same quality of design and output as the existing PIXMA-PRO-1, however, the new editions offer black and white printing like no one has ever seen. Canon has also improved the end-user compatibility of the workflow software and will be available with wireless capability and faster printing speeds.

Major Printing Trends Coming Your Way

Companies are always looking for ways to cut costs and breed efficiency in the office. Sometimes an internal audit of systems and how things are managed can offer valuable information and insight on how things can be improved. It is becoming an important trend to alleviate expense in unnecessary areas, especially in an age of digital solutions and services.

Document Management Provides Cost Savings

Printing costs for a company can be expensive. When asked to evaluate printing costs, most people immediately think of the cost of an ink jet or laser printer cartridge. While cartridges definitely add to the overall printing costs, the total cost is much more than just printing supplies.

Exploring the Rapid Growth of Document Management

An office without papers is very appealing in theory. However, in today’s world it isn’t really plausible. Paper is too ingrained into our business plans to get rid of it all together. However, it is possible start transitioning to a more digital filing system.

Reduce Waste with Print Management

 With businesses trying to keep up with the day-to-day and striving to grow in the future, sometimes it can be easy to overlook the current state of a company’s current processes. This principle is especially true when it comes to understanding current printing practices. Many wasteful printing habits are employed throughout all industries without the company even realizing it.

Using Color For Powerful Branding

Blue is associated with trustworthiness and is effectively used by many service industry companies. Particularly, a large amount of insurance companies rely on blue to back their message of security and safety.