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5 Ways to Repurpose Your File Room

When you eliminate your paper files and move to document management services, you’ll find that you’ve freed up a great deal of space just waiting to be repurposed to make your office a more productive space. Here are a few ideas for how to better use the space currently being occupied by bulky filing cabinets.

How to Select The Right Office Equipment for Your Business

Your office equipment is an important part of your business. You invest in this equipment to make your employees’ lives easier, to communicate with clients, and to help your business run efficiently, just to name a few reasons. While there are a vast number of options when it comes to print solutions, there are a few things you want to be sure of when selecting your company’s office technology.

Save More with MPS Solutions from Datamax

Print Management solutions from Datamax allow business to manage the way that your business handles printing, saving you money and increasing the efficiency of your office! Datamax offers the latest in Print Management software solutions that give your business the best chance to reduce unnecessary printing.

Document Management for Medical Practices

In medical offices all over the country, there are many documents to properly manage. From patient files to countless forms, it can be very difficult to not only manage documents, but also ensure that private information is kept confidential. Physical document storage can be both cumbersome and inefficient, leading to increased costs. By making the switch to digital document storage, you can work to eliminate physical storage as well as a significant amount of printing from your medical office, leading to lowered costs, increased efficiency, and most importantly, significantly improved security of your patients’ confidential files.