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Modernize Your Business With Canon

One of the global leaders in photography for decades is not just for family portraits anymore. As the world has become increasingly reliant on technology, Canon has improved the technological products and services that it offers. The most widely discussed of these services is the document management system support. The company’s software and equipment allows for efficient and high-quality scanning of large quantities of documents. Once the papers have been digitized, the program also gives options for how to organize this information.

Reduce Production Costs With Sustainable Printing

In the printing industry production costs can be ridiculous, much like all other industries and ultimately fail throughout the development because of different advances in technology and production efficiency. It has become apparent to business owners now more than ever that sustainability is the key to the success of a product or a product process.

How Do You Handle eWaste?

At your office, you are surrounded by electronic and digital devices. Over time you get new equipment, and the question of what to do with the old unusable devices comes up. This electronic waste (or eWaste) isn’t just a compilation of old plastic glass and metals. There are harmful toxins, hazardous substances and dangerous materials being tossed into the environment when these get thrown out. Lead, mercury, and arsenic is absorbed into the soil and air.

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Automate Your Purchase Orders

Time management is a key element--if not the key element--in productivity. Finding ways to increase productivity in less time should be something you evaluate regularly. Are you being as efficient as possible? What can you do to make sure your time is being spent on the most important things and not being wasted? If we could tell you that we could eliminate one task from your job entirely- at no extra cost to you, you would probably be interested in hearing about it.