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Is Your Printer in a Jam?

Having a plan in place with the right company that can respond as quickly as possible and get you the help you need to make those important, career changing, opportunities is key.

Have you ever played the “what if?” game? Lets play it real quick.

So what if your boss just gave you an awesome opportunity to pitch your ideas to the new clients. You have a 9 a.m. deadline and at 8 a.m. the printer breaks down. That would be pretty frustrating, right?

What if your company didn’t have a plan in place for this situation? What would you do?

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4 Ways Document Management Saves You Time and Money

Document management helps you take full advantage of your organization's information. Take back the key asset of information for your organization.

Your organization's knowledge is valuable; it's a key component to success. But creating, storing, and retrieving this information can be costly. Recent studies estimate that 15% of all documents go missing, while 30% of an average workday is spent searching for information that is trapped in inefficient unstructured documents.

Document management is the answer to this problem. With document management, your organization can easily find and utilize important information.

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Partner With the Best Print Technology & Provider

At Datamax, we can take the guesswork out of purchasing office equipment. We can guide you through the process, start to finish, guaranteeing you get the product you need.

Have you ever walked into a big box office supply store to look for equipment, and then left more confused than ever? With aisles of copiers, fax machines, printers, scanners, and more, all with different features and made by different companies, how can you make the right decision for your office? Maybe you've already made a decision and later found it was the wrong one—a costly and frustrating mistake. What's the solution?

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Top Three Benefits of Multifunctional Printers

With multifunctional printers, your business has the potential to become a productive, money saving entity with extra floor space to use as you see fit.

In your daily business operations, you probably rely heavily on your printer, scanner, and fax machine. They are invaluable pieces of equipment that help your office run smoothly and get work done quickly. However,

if you're using one device for printing, another for scanning, and yet another for faxing, you're not getting the most out of your time. Consider using multifunctional printers, machines that can perform faxing, scanning, and printing duties.

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