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Did you know you can scan to email?


Sometimes, you receive physical pieces of paper that you need to send to someone electronically. Let’s explore how many people accomplish this (and end up wasting a lot of time). They scan their paper to save it to their designated spot on the company server. Then they have to go back to their desks and open a new email, find the document, attach it, then send the email. Sometimes, that file is not needed after it is emailed and sits on your server, forgotten, taking up space and cluttering up the server. 


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7 Ways to Squeeze More Out of Your Work Day

Eat your frog.


Not literally (unless you like frog legs); but this is great productivity advice from time management expert Brian Tracy. Tackle your most important (which can be, but isn’t necessarily your most time-consuming) at the beginning of the day. Don’t fritter away your time and attention “warming up” to work. Dive in.


Over the course of the day, reevaluate what’s most important and spend the majority of your time on those tasks.


Successful, effective people are those who launch directly into their major tasks and then discipline themselves to work steadily and single-mindedly until those tasks are complete.


For any of you familiar with Stephen Covey, this is very similar to his “First Things First” idea as well as any number of other productivity experts who espouse the same ideas. Regardless of whether you like to read Tracy, Covey, or someone else; this is good advice and will make you more productive and effective if practiced consistently.

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The Multifunction Copier - Small Footprint, BIG Productivity

Anyone with children knows the outsized impact on your life that something so small can have on everything you do. You begin to worry about things and imagine dangers where none were before (how many of you have crawled around your house at child-eye level looking to remove anything that could be crammed into a tiny mouth or that could be pulled over?). Your thinking changes and your lifestyle certainly changes.

And, as all parents would say (though you might hesitate on “those” days – you know the ones): It’s worth it.


To ham-handedly switch gears to business, there are other good things that come in small packages; namely, the multifunction copier.


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Don't Buy Technology to Solve Your Business Problems

It’s summertime, and a quick glimpse at the magazine rack in the grocery check-out lines promises quick weight-loss, guilt-free dieting, 6-pack abs (of course), and any number of pain-free ways to a better body and enjoy a spectacular summer. Now, of course, you know, deep down, that it’s not going to be quite that easy, but, still you think, as you reach for “how to lose 15 pounds in 15 minutes,” maybe this time . . .

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Did you know there IS an app for that on your copier?

Everything and everyone in an office needs to be as productive as possible. Did you know you could extend the productivity benefits of your copier with an App?

Most companies don’t realize that there’s an "app for that" on their copier. Take a look at your multifunctional printer (MFP) and visit the apps screen. If you have a Canon copier then you can literally download an app from the Apple App Store. If you visit the Document Distribution and Management page on the Canon Copiers website, you can see the types of apps supported by color copiers, black and white copiers, and production printing systems. 

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