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Set Yourself Free: Stop Managing Your Copiers (and Printers)

Here’s what managed print services is in a nutshell:

You pay for a set number of prints and copies per month (and a pre-determined fee for anything over that set number) from equipment managed by your partner.


For most contracts, you supply paper and staples. The mix of copiers, multifunction printers, printers, and/or fax machines and software to track and manage the printing and copying is supplied by your partner. Printing costs are rarely tracked, but these costs eat into your bottom line. By exposing the costs of printing, you improve your budget AND productivity by printing only what you really need.


This frees you from having to worry about toner supply, maintenance contracts for a group of devices, or how much you’re printing. And your IT folks will be thankful not to have to troubleshoot printing network issues or try to fix a copier when they have no real idea how to even start.

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Crucial Questions to Ask Your Next Office Equipment Provider, Part 1

There are no stupid questions (though we’ve all heard some stupid answers before!).

When it comes to deciding who to partner with for your copier and other office equipment – whether for purchase, lease, and/or maintenance – asking questions is an important part of the selection process. Truthfully, looking at companies that sell copiers and selecting the right partner can make or break how effective your technology purchase, lease, and/or software implementation will be.

We’ve put together a short list of questions to help you separate the contenders from the pretenders.

Ask away.

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Green Printing is Good for the Bottom Line

It’s not easy being green.

We all know Kermit the Frog’s lament, “It’s not easy being green.” While I can’t relate to the struggles of a small amphibian (and there aren’t any Martians around to ask), we’ll have to take Kermit at his word.


However, when it comes to being green environmentally, especially when it comes to your office equipment, it’s a lot easier to “be green.” I’d like to share some tips and strategies for environmentally friendly printing– and how you can recycle your office equipment.


Green: Not Just Good for Mother Nature

Many roll their eyes at being environmentally conscious, maybe even thinking “This is business, there’s no need to worry about hugging trees in business.” When you combine the fact that going green from an environmental point of view will also add some “green” to your bottom line, I think everyone becomes a little more interested.


If green is important to your decision-making, here are a few ways that we go green and a few tips for “greening” your use of office equipment.


Even if you're not interested in the positive environmental impacts; most of these tips will help you save money and/or become more productive too. Whether you're interested in the environment, dollars and cents, or both – keep reading.

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