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Fatten Your Bottom Line With Office Printing Rules

As we interact with information more and more online (PC, tablets, and phones); we still need to print documents to paper. The question becomes not if you need to print, but how do you print documents to:

  • Improve print efficiency – and productivity of employees
  • Save money
  • Meet any green initiatives

Printing rules, combined with an office-wide print strategy and policy, will help you achieve all three of those goals. Printing rules are based on conditions and consequences and designed to create effective user printing behavior. These rules are set using print management software. With print rules, you can establish different rules for different roles within your office so that they can meet their legitimate printing needs.

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Everyone Knows How to Use the Copier, Right? Wrong

Everyone in your office knows how to use the copier, right? 

If you mean do they know enough to copy a document or print to the copier or printer, then you’re right. 

But . . .

  • Do they know that your copier has apps to make it easier to print and to receive scanned documents (among other apps – the specifics vary by manufacturer)? 
  • Do they understand the print rules you’ve put in place to save money and improve processes? 
  • Do they understand when they should print black and white and when color documents are a more effective alternative?
  • Are they intimidated by the user interface and various options? 
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Questions to Ask Your Next Office Equipment Provider, Part 2

Pursuing a managed print services strategy with an office equipment provider is a big investment in time and money. It’s critical that you take the time to ask the right questions of your potential partner – and that they give you honest answers!


We already wrote about seven critical questions a few weeks ago (Crucial Questions to Ask Your Next Equipment Provider, Part 1); here’s part 2.


How secure is the hardware?

Today’s multifunction copiers, printers, scanners, and faxes are all IP addressable – which means they are potential points of entry for hackers. Additionally, copiers also have internal hard drives for catching and storing print jobs. Question your provider closely about their understanding of document and network security.

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The 4 Most Important Things About Selecting a Copier

Choosing a copier for your office is easy, right? There are plenty of manufacturers and they all offer variations of the same device and they all print, copy, scan, and fax. You just need to see which copier you’re replacing, find the latest (and least expensive) device most similar to it, buy it (from your local copier dealer, office store, or even eBay), and you’re done. 


Not quite. 


It is true that today’s multifunction printers look similar and perform the same functions in similar ways. Of course, cars and trucks are all similar– they have four wheels, an engine, and a steering wheel so that you can drive them – but you wouldn’t assume that you can just pick one at random and have it meet your needs. 

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Multitasking Kills Meetings – 6 Tips for More Productive Meetings

Tips for getting the most out of meetings – quickly – so you can get back to work.


I can’t think of anyone who really likes meetings, except for those annoying folks who like to sound off in front on an audience. Plus, do we really NEED those donuts?


One reason many meetings are horrible: half of the participants aren’t fully “there.” Someone is texting to figure out car pooling their kids to soccer practice. Someone else is checking email. People are horrible multitaskers (and even your multifunction printer only prints one job at a time). Take a hint from your copier – perform many tasks, but only perform one task at a time. To get the most of meetings, this is an important idea to take and use – focus on the meeting.


Donuts or not, you do have to meet with the people you work with, at least once in a while, to be sure you’re all pointed in the right direction. When you do have to meet, make the meeting as efficient as possible.

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