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Did You Know: Your Copier Can Scan to the Cloud

Using your copier to scan to the cloud is straightforward (the specifics WILL be different for different models and manufacturers, but the basic steps are similar).

You’ve heard of “the cloud,” even if you don’t follow technology at all you’ve most likely heard someone use this term. Usually when it’s mentioned it’s with a touch of reverence and a hint that the cloud will solve your technology challenges, which (when used correctly) cloud services really can bring huge business and personal productivity improvements.

The cloud essentially means that instead of your information/documents or your application (like iTunes, Office 365, or personal productivity tool Evernote) “living” on a your computing device (smartphone, laptop, PC, or tablet), they “live” on a third-party hosted platform and you can access the cloud service via the Internet. As with anything IT-related, the cloud becomes more complicated the deeper you dig into it. If you’re interested, this Cloud Computing 101 article is a good starting point for more detail.

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You Could Be A Sitting Duck For Hackers – Here’s Why

How many printers, scanners, copiers, computers, laptops, webcams, tablets, and smartphones are in your office right now? Every one of them is a ripe target for hackers. 

So, if you truly counted, and I know you did because what better way to spend your already limited time, then that’s how many points of penetration the cyber-thieves of the world have to gain access to your network (and your data). Oh, and if you have any videoconferencing systems, smart TVs, or DVRs, go ahead and tack that on to your list of hacker-vulnerable equipment.

This raises the obvious security issue of course, but also the issue of productivity - because, productive can anyone be if the office comes to halt because the entire network is down? 

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8 Unexpected Ways Printing is Costing You Time and Money


A commonly used and accepted statistic based on research from industry analyst Gartner is that you can save up to 30% of your printing costs by partnering with a managed print services (MPS) provider. 

But what does that number mean? It’s so abstract. And what are some of the hidden printing costs? 

Here are 8. 

  1. No Print Rules

If you aren’t using rule-based printing to control print output, you’re literally printing money – pennies at a time. An effective system of rules will reign in your printing costs, whether controlling who can print in color or defaulting to draft quality output. Want ideas for rules? Read Fatten Your Bottom Line With Office Printing Rules.

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