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Document Management Can Help With Court Document E-filing


For 19 months from 1860 to 1861 the Pony Express was the fastest way to move information from coast to coast. Leaving from St. Joseph, MO or from Sacramento, CA; the relays of riders could make the 2,000 mile trip in 9 to 12 days.

Couriers are important. Wells Fargo began as a courier service, transporting packages and gold (remember all those stagecoach robberies in those old Westerns?).

Ponies? Stagecoaches? Why am I talking about this?

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Digital Copiers - They’re a Ticking Security Time Bomb


Your copier is hiding something from you – its hard drive.

Copiers with these “hidden” hard drives have been prevalent since 2002 and they store images of every document that has ever been copied, scanned, or emailed. This data remains stored on the hard drive until the drive becomes full then the old data is overwritten, but there’s always the potential for sensitive information to be stored on your copier’s hard drive.

Though that copier in the corner of the office may appear innocent, it is ripe for hacking – and they are often overlooked.

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Finding and Using Office Documents – The Basics


How often do you spend 10, 20, or even 30 minutes irritably flipping through manila folders in a filing cabinet looking for that misfiled customer invoice? Or how many times have you been frustrated by not being able to find the correct version of an important document?

Using documents to get your work done shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be that frustrating.

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