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With a Copier Service Partner You Can Keep Calm and Copy On



Your title may be office manager, but most days you’re more like a triage doctor, deciphering and prioritizing what needs to be done first. And, you also have the “fun” task of dealing with (some) lawyers’ oversized egos. This is what makes you the glue holding your law firm’s practice together from behind-the-scenes.

You don’t have time to handle everything. You’re there early. You stay late. You shouldn’t have to juggle it ALL.

That last thing that should be on your plate is the backbone of your document production – your printers/copiers – and when they need to be serviced.

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Document Security Is A Necessity to Every Law Office


The biggest concern for legal IT departments is no longer email management.

“Whew!” is what’s going through your mind right?

Don’t get too excited. Now the number 1 concern is . . . security management.*

With so much personal and privileged information to keep safe, it’s no wonder that security of information is so crucial in the legal community, or that 23% of the questions from the International Legal Technology Association’s (ILTA) 2015 IT survey report were focused on security.

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Do You Have As Many Rooms Full of Paper as You Do Partners?


Research* indicates that “Legal” is most resistant of any department to paper-free work processes.

How many paper documents are in your office that you don’t really need? If you do need all of those documents, how much are you spending for file storage off-site? Are rooms filled with filing cabinets of old cases (and are those rooms and those documents physically secured?).

You can – legally – get rid of that paper. Better yet, paperless (or at least less-paper) processes are faster, more efficient, and have solid ROI. So remove that paper and turn office space previously occupied by paper into something useful – another office for a partner, a break room for employees to take a breather, a client meeting room, lobby or whatever else you need.

Read on for tips on how to get this done.

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