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Overcoming 4 Common Business Challenges to Get the Most From Your Documents

Identifying less-explored operational costs within a business can be difficult – the cost of enterprise printing is just one such challenge.

In document-intensive industries such as legal, technology can do a lot of heavy lifting for you. Technology can’t solve challenges alone – you have to understand your business processes and then be sure to select the right technology tool you’re your needs. Done correctly, technology can automate tasks – giving you time back in your day to focus on the 101 tasks you juggle.

Here’s a list of common business challenges – and potential solutions to those challenges – that can make a difference in your office.

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Streamlining Cost Recovery for Law Firms


If you aren’t using print tracking and managed print services to simplify cost recovery in your law firm, you could be making cost recovery harder than it needs to be.

You need to recoup expenses taken on behalf of clients. Tracking those expenses can be time consuming.

It doesn’t have to be – especially when it comes to documents.

For law firms always on a deadline and pressed for time, tools that track resources and time for client chargeback can be a godsend.

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Streamline Your Legal Workflow With Your Copier

Are you ready for a simple way to integrate hard-copy legal documents into a document management system (i.e. like Worldox DMS, of course)?

You can extend the value of your multifunction copier to your business by using it to remove paper from your office. Being able to access digital versions of case matters is a big deal in the legal industry – it allows you to spend more time serving clients and less time shuffling papers.

And, as an added bonus: No more hauling heavy stacks of paper around the office – now you can save that workout for the gym!

When writing these posts, I usually make it a point not to focus on a specific product. However, today is an exception.

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Secure Your Documents: Digital AND Paper


61% of data breaches within companies of less than 500 employees involve paper records.*

And now you’re probably counting or trying to calculate how many employees are in the office right now (and thinking about the amount of paper).

Just think about this for second: what if your law firm was on the news? Not because you won a high profile case, but because the firm had a data breach. Even worse, think about if that data breach was the result of something as simple as one of the lawyers accidentally leaving their briefcase at Starbucks (a briefcase containing two legal pads with client information written on them inside) or mistakenly throwing old case files away in the dumpster.

You might think that paper documents are more secure considering the constant barrage in the news about hackers and concerns over digital insecurity.

Not quite.

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