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You Don't Call a Penguin a Dodo, Why Call Your Copier a Photocopier?

These devices open up new possibilities for your company, whether you need to streamline document sharing or need to consolidate your equipment in the office.

Photocopiers are on the edge of extinction, only found tucked in the back corners of libraries and colleges. Multifunctional devices, digital copiers, and all-in-one devices have edged it out of the technology world. However, you still see "photocopier" applied as a catch-all term when people and businesses talk about the tools they need to support daily operations.

Many industries require print and copying functionality, but when they use the wrong terminology to say what they need, they may end up limiting their choices. You can't realize the productivity benefits of a machine when you make assumptions about what it can do.

All photocopiers could do was create copies of papers with heat and light. They served a useful purpose in their time, but modern technology brings an expanded feature set to the table.

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The Difference Between Electronic Medical and Health Records

If your practice is trying to decide whether to use an EMR or EHR system, it's important to know about these differences and to understand how an EHR system can be more beneficial to your practice.

As a healthcare provider – whether you work at a doctor's office, medical/critical care clinic, hospital, or any other type of care facility – you have to deal with mountains of paperwork, from insurance forms to patient records. You also know the value of technology platforms such as electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR). Both are valuable tools in managing patient information. However, although many staff members use the terms interchangeably, they're not the same thing. Here are the differences between the two and what you need to know about each technology.

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You Need These 7 Features in Your EHR System

Your staff works hard every day to keep patients happy and healthy. Get them a EHR system capable of making the most out of their time and efforts every day, and streamline your medical record keeping at the same time.

You have countless options for electronic health record (EHR) systems, and every vendor wants to claim that they have the best solution for your needs. This technology moves you away from endless paper files and keeps patients' health information in digital form. Authorized medical professionals have an easier time accessing this information quickly rather than waiting for your office to mail or fax documents. When you evaluate EHR systems, keep an eye out for these seven features.

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MEAP MEAP! Next-Gen Document Scanning from Canon and Worldox

The goal of MEAP (Multifunctional Embedded Application Platform) is to better leverage imageRunner Advance devices to improve document access and integration tasks for law firms of all sizes.

In any law practice, the billable hour is sacred. To maximize those hours you need an efficient workflow, and that requires using the right technology. If the right technology is used correctly, your firm can save time and money by automating a sizable portion of your legal processes.

Canon is a leader in digital imaging solutions and has the hardware and software that can help you achieve an efficient workflow. One of the key technologies Canon offers is its MEAP software, which runs on the imageRunner Advance platform and certain imageRunner MFPs.

But before you can take advantage of MEAP, you have to understand what it is. Knowing that can help your practice take its next steps in optimized case management.

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