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Facts about Laserfiche®

Technology companies all over the world are incorporating Laserfiche® into their document management practices. Laserfiche® contributes to successful content management, electronic faxing, workflow, and document routing and capturing. So where did this software company come from? What makes it a desirable partner for technology companies? Below are some facts about this substantial company. According to

• They’ve been around since 1987.
• They’re a privately owned company in Long Beach, CA.
• They create simple and elegant enterprise content management solutions.
• Laserfiche® has offices in Canada, Panamá, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.
• 34,000 organizations use Laserfiche® for document management, document imaging, business process management and records management.
• They have core solution packages such as: Laserfiche Rio, an ECM solution that is straightforward to purchase, deploy, extend, and manage; and Laserfiche Avante, a powerful BPM solution with Workflow automation.

With the help of a grounded software company like Laserfiche® businesses small and large are guaranteed for success. This is why we at Datamax Arkansas proudly use Laserfiche®. We are excited to better your organization by implementing the strongest document management system there is. To learn more about how we can better your business feel free to contact us! The success of your business matters to us.