Defending Office 365 Data from RansomwareIs your Office 365 deployment adequately protected from ransomware? ... Are you sure?

It’s no surprise that Windows systems remain the top target for ransomware. A stunning 100% of IT professionals reported they had seen Windows systems infected by ransomware, as reported in Datto’s State of the Channel Ransomware Report. Ransomware typically encrypts your files and promises to decrypt data after a ransom payment is made.  And the payments can be big.

In our Defending Office 365 Data from Ransomware eBook, you'll learn about:

  1. the lurking threat of Ransomware & Office 365 Business,
  2. updating necessary system components to reduce threats,
  3. three tactics to thwart Office 365 Ransomware threats,
  4. steps to take to recover from a Ransomware attack,
  5. and more...

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