Datamax Little Blue Book Story - BARB NOLL

Barb Noll's Story

(Sales Support Specialist, Little Rock Office)  Barb Noll loves to talk. She uses her gift of gab to its full potential with clients in Arkansas, guarding that close connection over the phone with the organizations we serve, showing her authentic concern for their everyday needs.

Barb celebrated her official 10 year anniversary at Datamax just two weeks ago (though she’s been here for a total of 14!). The Sales Support Specialist has much to love about Datamax... and being 1.8 miles from the office is certainly one of them!

“I used to work in downtown Little Rock, and I always dreaded that drive. Here in Arkansas, we don’t know how to merge (onto the Interstate). Now, from my house, I take a right, a left on the Interstate, two rights and I’m here.”

But there’s much more than a short commute to love about this organization. The company’s investment in her continued learning, leadership’s open door policy, and the overall connection Barb feels with this place contribute to her longevity and continued success at Datamax. 

What led me to Datamax?

“I was working for a competitor at the time. Datamax was a company I’d always heard of. When I left that job, someone from here knew that I’d worked in telemarketing and had me fill out an application.

I knew this was a stable company. I knew it was very competitive, and I felt like I had a real connection to this place from the very beginning.

Prior to that, I had been an EMT Nurse and worked on an ambulance. When I became pregnant with one of my children, I wondered what I would do next. A friend mentioned to me ‘you know you like to talk,’ so I went to work for a company (doing telemarketing) that raised money for Special Olympics. I loved visiting with people, and I just realized ‘I could do this.’

As I’ve come to Datamax, I feel like my skillset has gone to a whole new level.”

My experiences at Datamax:

“When I came into Datamax for the first time, it just felt very put together. The receptionist is right up front, everything was very clean. And while I sat in the chair out front, there wasn’t one person who walked past me who didn’t speak to me. It makes a BIG difference, especially when you’ve worked places that don’t share the same values.

I feel like my phone skills have improved dramatically within my time here at Datamax. I talk to presidents of companies, I talk to decision makers. I’ve really honed in on my skills; when a lot of people walk by my desk, they can’t tell if I’m on a personal phone call or with a client, because I treat every potential customer like they are a friend.

When I talk to customers, the first thing I’m going to ask is how everything is going for them. Is there anything I need to know? If you’re unhappy about anything, we want to know.

My job is to stay on top of that."

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

"One thing I really love… Barry Simon always said he has an open door policy. And he really does. I’ll sometimes just go in and sit down, and I’ll just want to rattle; talk about my kids, my dogs, and he stops whatever he’s doing and he’ll visit with me.

I stay here because I feel like I have stability in my career, and I have a lot of friendships I’ve built over 14 years. I’m grateful every day for the chance to be part of this wonderful Datamax family. I get to sit at my desk and talk to people all day long!"