Datamax Little Blue Book Story - david holzhauer

David Holzhauer's Story

(Vice President of Sales, Little Rock Office)  For more than 30 years, David Holzhauer has been an integral part of developing the steady, significant growth in an organization he calls home.

What led me to Datamax?

I was recruited through a friend in the industry that worked for Xerox.  His good friend worked at Datamax as the sales manager who needed to build a sales force.  They shot pool at a place called Slick Willie’s every Wednesday afternoon and asked me to join them.

I was three months out of college, and had been selling telephone equipment and services. After talking to my friend, I decided to make a move.

The rest is history. That was 35 years ago.

My experiences at Datamax:

The opportunity was given to me at a very young age to build the sales organization in Little Rock. 

I was a sales rep here for about a year, and then at age 23 I was made sales manager. Most of the people whom I was managing were much older than I was. It was an honor for me that they gave me the opportunity to build and manage a sales force: They only had around 200 machines out in the field at the time. (That number has since grown to more than 10,000 in Arkansas).

I started from zero reps several times before we got it right.

I feel as though everything’s changed with technology. I recall when we sold our first full color unit copier, and the service click rate was 50 cents a page. As much as things have changed, the thing that’s stayed consistent is this continual progression of technology that builds greater efficiencies and workflows that, today, are solution driven.

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

I’ve been here from the beginning and helped build it from the ground up. The industry is ever-changing and exciting. This is my life.These people are my family.

I simply can’t imagine doing anything else.