Datamax Little Blue Book Story - LEE WHEELINGTON

Lee Wheelington's Story

(Area Sales Manager, Hot Springs Office)  Lee Wheelington, a native of Texarkana, TX, serves as the  Area Sales Manager  in the Hot Springs Office. He has been with the organization since 1999, when an offer in Hot Springs was his ticket to being closer to home.

What led me to Datamax?

“In 1999, I was living in Denver.  After working for Glamour Shots (the photo studios in the mall) for 11 years, I decided it was time for a change and I wanted to get back closer to home – Texarkana.  I got in touch with a Head Hunter in Little Rock who  knew a company looking for a sales manager in Hot Springs.  Under no circumstances did I want to sell copiers for a living; however I saw it as a ticket home so I could look for a real career. 

I had been with Glamour shots for 11 years, and we were a billion dollar company. We were huge.  But I felt the call to get closer to home, so I said ‘I can do anything for a year.’"

My experiences at Datamax:

“I had no idea this industry existed.  By becoming part of it with an open mind, I found a career that challenges and rewards me as I help businesses grow.  I also realized getting through life (happily) is similar; unless we explore new things, how do we grow?

Over the years, I realized customers and fellow employees count on me.  As small as I sometimes feel, I am reminded that I am part of something much bigger. Knowing my every action can have a negative or positive impact toward someone makes me more conscious of my behavior and decisions.

A company’s success is a reflection of its people.  Those people (and that company) are a reflection of the leadership.  Barry Simon built Datamax on a foundation of unwavering principles. Many companies (in thriving industries) have failed because of poor leadership.  Companies become exceptional because of how they deal with exceptions while not wavering from the rules. Barry challenges us to be the best.  In this effort, we may fail, however Barry always says, ‘if we fail, let’s fail forward.’”

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

“I love the challenge of our evolving industry. I love the fact that Barry wants us to be leaders, to be out front. He really challenges us to do the best we can be. And if I went anywhere else, I’d be going backwards.

This is only my third job since I graduated high school. I want this to be my last one. I love it that much.”