Breezy Isaacson's Story

(ClientCONNECT Team - Dallas/Fort Worth Office) - Breezy Isaacson is a huge fan of the American mockumentary TV series “The Office.” Underneath the antics, gags, and comedy that help drive the show’s entertainment value, Breezy senses a general fondness for one another between the Scranton, PA employees, and a sense of camaraderie that creates a positive everyday workspace.

Breezy feels a similar bond with her admin crew in the Dallas/Fort Worth office.  From the coffee break chats to the understanding that if you are overloaded you can call on one of your office mates for support, Breezy often feels like a character from the show, and it’s a feeling she greatly appreciates.

What led me to Datamax?

Breezy was working for her father’s graphic design business doing admin work when he decided to move his office to Newark, TX, north of Fort Worth. Wanting to stay in the Dallas area, and also feeling the need to step outside of her comfort zone, Breezy began scouring job openings.

She found Datamax on ZipRecruiter, and off she went.

“I could tell very early on that this organization was very well put together. (Administration Manager) Jackie Campos and (Administrative Supervisor) Yvie Majano were the first two people I spoke with. They were very open, honest, and engaging. It was a very fun, but professional interview process. Not as intimidating as I thought it would be.”

My experiences at Datamax:

Breezy enters sales orders for the A-Team and for the G-team inside the DFW office. She also backs up on toner orders when necessary. She says she’s definitely witnessed her own professional growth in her time here at Datamax.

“Organization skills are huge in a role like this. And also communication skills with the reps is so important,” Breezy says. “I’ve also delved into honing Excel skills. The last time I worked in Excel was probably in middle school before coming here. But by watching videos, doing the (TechCare University) online classes, and figuring out things myself, I’ve really developed those skills and made my job a lot easier because of it.”

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

If someone were to ask Breezy what it’s like working over there at Datamax, she says she’d ask them back, “Have you ever seen the TV show, ‘The Office?’” Minus some of the craziness that creates laughs on the show, Breezy mentions that, like the show, everyone gets along and supports one another. They work together and make sure that what needs to get done gets done.

“Honestly the people are what keep me here. I’m a people person, so the relationships I’ve built here are huge. There’s always room to grow and learn something and everyone knows and works together. All the departments work together to make it a great place to work.”