Candi Gesch's Story

(Lease Administrator - Saint Louis Office) - Talk about tenure.

The Rave Review recently dug up some statistics to discover that the average tenure among  Datamax employees in Saint Louis is 17.1 years. Compare that with this number from the career research website Zippia: The median employee tenure in the US is 4.3 years for men and 3.8 years for women.

Meet Candi Gesch, an excellent representative of the incredible tenure of our Branch Support in the Gateway City. This month, she celebrates her 29th year at Datamax.

What led me to Datamax?

Candi came to Datamax in August of 1994 as a dispatcher. It wasn’t long before she met the love of her life, Jeff, a technician with the same company. When the two decided to get married, she was transferred to the current St. Louis office she calls home today.

At that point, she moved into administration. Over the years, she’s dabbled in multiple areas of the department, all while delivering consistent results and embracing a team atmosphere that is next to none.

My experiences at Datamax:

Candi is a lease administrator, which means she takes care of the distribution of lease invoices three times a month. But she also does a lot of accounting functions within the leasing world. She handles leasing invoices, is the backup for AR cash, has previously posted cash, and even takes customer leasing-related calls. client Finally, Candi serves as the go-between for attorneys and management when a company defaults on leases. She even goes and picks up the machine when necessary!

Bottom line? Candi says she’s always felt comfortable and appreciated at Datamax.

“I like what I do because I do a variety of things. I also have a big role in customer service, because I take questions and issues from customers related to leasing,” Candi said. “It’s a very positive work environment, and one thing I love is that people in this office are very willing to step out of their position to assist where it’s needed.”

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

“Everybody here is a team player. I do believe that Datamax truly cares about its employees. It’s just an overall great place to work. There has to be something good about it because we have a lot of people in this office who have been here a very long time,” Candi said.

It’s hard to argue Candi’s logic.  The tenure numbers? They don’t lie. They more or less speak for themselves.