Jamie Hughes' Story

(Administrative Assistant - Hot Springs Office) - As an Area Sales Manager with reps in three locations (Hot Springs, El Dorado and Texarkana), Lee Wheelington has a lot of bases to cover every single day. But when it comes down to getting the sale properly processed and fully completed, he doesn’t have a single worry.

That’s because he knows Jamie Hughes is on his team.

As the Administrative Assistant in Hot Springs, Jamie types contracts, sends them out to be signed for the rep to deliver. She orders equipment and handles the billing for the equipment. All this for three locations. As Datamax has grown, she’s taken on a bigger workload with the same razor-sharp precision that Lee speaks to.

“As sales reps, we tend to just run and work by the seat of our pants. And a lot of times, we get a little sloppy, and we may not give everything Jamie the way she needs it,” Lee says. “But Jamie is detail oriented. She’s patient. And she works with a sense of urgency. For all the stuff I have to worry about, when it’s in Jamie’s hands, I know it’s going to get done.”

What led me to Datamax?

Jamie was tired of traveling. Simple as that.

When she went to work for a pharmacy as a trainer, travel was not part of the job description. However, as the pharmacy added more locations, her travel time multiplied, along with her stress levels.

“The last year and a half, I was home maybe a consolidated two to three weeks, tops,” Jamie said. “I was cooking meals for my family ahead of time before I left. I was gone a lot and missing too many moments in my home life. And, plus, I needed to be home for my girls, going into their senior year.”

Janet Hunter (a now-retired Datamax sales consultant), was a customer of the pharmacy, and then the pharmacy became a Datamax customer. Janet and Jamie, as a result, had become friends over the years.

“I told her if anything became available at Datamax, to let me know,” Jamie says. “So when there was an opening, Janet hunted me down and said ‘send me your resume!’”

My experiences at Datamax:

“The people are fantastic, the work environment is enjoyable, and my boss is great to work for and with. It’s really about the people. There is nothing better than working with great people that make your day fun and make you look forward to coming to work.”

And reflecting on the days of travel, Jamie remains grateful for the opportunity to come home every night.

“It has allowed me to be home with my family at night and be a better mom and wife, as well as fulfil the side of me that enjoys work and helping others."

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

As Jamie says, it’s nice to feel appreciated daily for your work.

“(Here at Datamax) you always get a thank you when you are doing something extra. A lot of places that’s not the case,” Jamie says. “Just a simple ‘I appreciate everything you’re doing.’ I get that from Kristen (Finkbeiner). I get that from Lee. It’s nice to work with people who you can call friends.”