Jennifer Duke's Story

(Senior Collections Specialist, Dallas/Fort Worth Office)  Downtime? Working in the ClientCONNECT Center, nobody - especially Jennifer Duke - has got time for that.

But the 13-year Datamax veteran wouldn’t have it any other way.

“You’re always getting email inquiries from sales reps or management or corporate or customers. There’s phone calls and sales reps and customers need immediate answers,” Jennifer says. “I love the fast paced environment of my daily tasks.”

As a senior collections specialist, she owns the expertise – and the temperament – to achieve what can be a most-challenging role. But it’s the people that make the difference. It’s the people surrounding her that help ignite Jennifer’s Raving Fan experience here.

What led me to Datamax?

“It’s kind of a funny story. My sister in law had worked under Jene (Hennigar) in Admin years prior, and always had a lot of wonderful things to say about Datamax,” Jennifer said. “She didn’t know that I was coming into an interview.”

So when she came to the interview and told Jene about everything, she had nice things to say about her sister-in-law, and something just felt right.
“It felt like, ‘this is a sign I need to work for Datamax,’ Jennifer says.

My experiences at Datamax:

Jennifer’s role in collections is undoubtedly a unique one, and one that requires a special set of skills to succeed.

“I think it takes patience. It takes building that relationship with customers, letting them feel at ease, and helping them understand that there is no judgement – this isn’t a personal thing,” Jennifer says. “However, only in the sense that I don’t want them to take it personal when I am collecting or inquiring on past dues. The relationships I form with my customers are actually best when you can be personal and form good bonds.”

And the culture at Datamax? Jennifer points to the fun environment, from the annual DFW Burger Wars, to the team building, to Winner’s Circle Events. The people within that culture especially contribute to her overall work experience.

“I know everyone says this, but it’s true: It honestly feels like a work family.”

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

"Everyone’s been amazing. I have made some lifelong friends here. Also, I have always been blessed to have amazingly supportive bosses,” Jennifer says. “I would absolutely refer a friend to work here – Datamax cares about its employees."

“I truly love my job, and I am excited to wake up and come to work every single day,” she continues.