Jennifer Eden's Story

(IT Specialist - Dallas/Fort Worth Office) With a degree in Psychology, Jennifer Edens is usually adept at having people penned down. But when Justin Huffaker held entire conversations with her by simply asking questions, she found it puzzling.

But she caught on quickly. What he was doing was giving her confidence. Taking her out of her comfort zone. And helping cultivate professional growth that Jennifer previously couldn’t have imagined.

She’s ridden on electric lifts, installing access points in gymnasiums. She’s actively trouble-shooted IT issues that, at first, didn’t know existed.

“It intrigued me, challenged me, scared me a little and ultimately made me decide that this was not just a job. This was a career opportunity,” Jennifer says.

What led me to Datamax?

"Honestly, I had an IT Department Head at a prior company I worked for refer me. He actually was a contract IT Consultant for Datamax in his own business by the time he referred me here. He was one of the great mentors of my past. I trusted him. His enthusiasm about Datamax and how much opportunity it could present for me had him excited when he heard they were looking to fill a Laserfiche position,” Jennifer says.

“When I went in to interview at Datamax (through the very involved process Datamax has) I was quite nervous. They really got to know you and they wanted to see you under pressure and how you handled it.”

My experiences at Datamax:

“Everyone pushes everyone. Everything is earned. It’s blood, sweat, tears and sometimes extreme pushing of your limits to make a change or to see where we can improve. It’s just like a family. There’s listening, there’s challenges, there’s compassion, they consider how things affect not just the business, not just the customers but the entire team and its individuals. It’s a tough and constantly changing world especially in IT but in the end everyone is making sure everyone has the right tools to succeed.

What surprised me about working here is that I might fail. I do not like to fail and that usually is enough to drive me not to. But sometimes the job is so challenging, broad and ever changing that you are going to encounter something bigger than you or out of your control or realm of knowledge or expectations.

The fact that it is OK that you fail sometimes, as long as you learn from it, was an idea I did not think employers practiced. They prepare you to handle when something might go wrong and how to conduct yourself and redeem yourself for the client’s sake and your own."

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

“The people, the clients, the hands-on difference my work makes for our clients, the growth, more than just knowledge and duties but also personally, the willingness of everyone to pitch in. They care. The clients trust me. That feels good.

My main three mentors, being Justin Huffaker, Richard Martin and Thomas Pollard have changed my life. Personally and in my career. I am better because of them. And it’s the company that shapes these traits.

You will grow. Period."