Jordan Conley's Story

(Administrative Supervisor - Tyler Office) - For all intents and purposes, Jordan Conley was thriving in her career.

As a site manager for Meals on Wheels in East Texas, she was excelling in her role and performing work with true purpose, with a bright future ahead of her. However, when she was diagnosed with cancer at age 28, she made the difficult decision to resign from her position.

When Jordan decided to return to work, she found Datamax, and with it, she found the fresh start she needed and so much more. In fact, as of this article's publish date, she has just been promoted to Administrative Supervisor in Tyler after less than two years with the organization.


What led me to Datamax?

“I was online and saw the opening. There were a couple of different places I had interviewed, but this was ultimately I felt like my best choice for furthering my career,” Jordan said.

What stood out? During her interview, she specifically asked about tenure at this organization.

“Honestly what persuaded me to accept an offer at our company was because of the number of years people had been here. That is usually a great indicator that employees are valued,” Jordan said.

Jordan started in the Admin department processing supply orders, but with a genuine hunger to improve and expand her skillset, she’s done so, so much more.


My experiences at Datamax:

One thing that surprised Jordan about her job here? The pace.

“I was surprised by how extremely busy it is. There’s hardly ever any downtime, which I LOVE,” Jordan said. “When I have downtime, I want to either be helping someone or finding something new to learn. Knowledge is power. Your work is more enjoyable when you are confident in the things you’re able to do.”

After processing supply orders for East Texas for two months, Jordan was asked to take on the same for UT Health East Texas, one of Datamax’s largest clients. She’s also taken on scanning contracts, doing collections, equipment billing, and answering phones when an Administrative Assistant is unavailable.

“Some people are just fine with doing only what’s asked of them. I’m not one of those people,” Jordan said. “When you have the perspective of what someone else does in their role, you can empathize. You have a better understanding of how the pieces fit together. After all, it’s a team gig. We’ve got to work together… This job has taught me to have more confidence in myself and that communication is of the utmost importance in any type of relationship – including your work relationships.”

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

One key component to Jordan being a Raving Fan of her workplace is the work/life balance that’s afforded to her and other employees here.

“I feel like this company values its employees and takes our needs into consideration. All of us have things that come up in our personal lives. We have things with our kids. That understanding that people have lives outside of work is very much appreciated,” Jordan said