Josh Sims' Story

(Area Sales Manager - Tyler Office) - Anyone who’s been on a Texas Friday morning sales Zoom call knows this: East Texas Area Sales Manager Josh Sims is big on big-time motivation. The fast-paced, volume-cranked-up motivational videos he presents have become synonymous with the meetings that Josh (recent winner for Area Sales Manager of the Year in Texas) leads once a month or so.

Inky Johnson. Derek Jeter. Lou Holtz. Michael Jordan, and any number of Sales mentors he can find on YouTube are just a few people he gleans insight from for their competitive spirit, and their willingness to help others succeed.

You probably know this, too. Josh Sims, a legendary New Diana Youth Baseball Coach in his own right, is a big-time motivator himself.

“I’m a competitor. And when I can see other people’s success and I can have just a small piece of that success, when they reach their goals, it makes me feel good. I don’t’ want recognition for it. I just want to see them successful, so they can reap the benefits of that success.”

He was talking to his youth softball team just the other night after practice, and he coached them up on goal setting, the spirit of competition, and what it means to be mentally tough.

“I told them, baseball is just a small piece of the bigger world they’ll come into someday. Not everyone gets a trophy. I’m not interested in wins/losses this season. I’m interested in seeing them succeed,” he said.

That’s Josh Sims. That’s the game he plays at Datamax.

What led me to Datamax?

Josh graduated from East Texas Baptist University in 2003 and, naturally, started his career as a teacher/coach at New Diana ISD. As his family grew, he turned his career toward sales.

“I was working in the insurance industry and dealing with underwriters and claims adjusters became more problematic than I wanted to deal with. I saw an opening on a website and reached out to (then sales manager) Kenny Prince. The opportunity (as a Business Process Consultant) sounded like something I could grow with.

It was new. I like change, and I saw the possibility that came with the role.”

My experiences at Datamax:

Josh was promoted to Area Sales Manager in July 2020.

“The group I get to work with daily is what keeps me coming in. I thoroughly enjoy the comradery we have as a team and the way everyone works together. I managed stores for Verizon for 7 years and swore I would never manage again after that, but I am enjoying it again. Now to be able to motivate a team and have my fingers in all the deals, juggling up to 40 accounts a time, it makes it fun.

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

“The easy answer is the people. I enjoy sales and the way it’s different every day, but you can get that with most sales positions. The conversation, the strategy of working deals, and the ideas of presentation that get discussed are exciting and fun. There are rough days in this gig, but 90% of it is good. And getting to work with the team that I work with makes me want to get up and come to work every day.”