Kaylee Lynn's Story

(Business Process Consultant - Tyler Office) - Kaylee Lynn has come a long way in four short years.

From receptionist to trainer to rock star business process consultant, Kaylee’s Datamax journey has brought with it not just professional skills or career stability — but also self-confidence.

The Tyler sales representative enjoyed a landmark year in 2020, climbing up the sales board ladder and earning President’s Club for the first time. She credits her ascent to the strong relationships she's built with customers and prospects, and consistently being out there in front of them at events, at meetings, and in the communities. 

Even so, her trajectory in sales is one that, four years ago, she wouldn’t have imagined.

What led me to Datamax?

“I was originally hired on as receptionist for then-East Texas Copy Systems. I was a newly single mom looking for a job and it was a very family friendly inviting company to work for,” Kaylee says.

There were multiple stepping stones to where Kaylee is today. Hired as a trainer, she learned about the equipment being installed, as well as the face to face interactions with end users she worked with.

As a trainer, she would even go prospecting with sales reps from time to time — not thinking at all that she would one day be in their shoes.

“I did know that, beyond training, I wanted a new challenge,” Kaylee says. So when the opportunity came to be a Project Lead on phone systems, Kaylee jumped on it. It wasn’t long, though, when an opening came up in sales.

“I talked to multiple people about it. I did a lot of reflection. And, ultimately, I wanted to take the leap,” Kaylee says.

My experiences at Datamax:

Kaylee never pictured herself in a sales role before working here. But here she is, and the personal/professional growth is unmistakable.

“Working for Datamax has brought me out of my comfort zone in many areas from presentations in front of the entire Texas sales team to daily cold calling businesses in the area,” Kaylee says. “These are not things that come naturally easy to me, and there are usually a lot of nerves involved. But once I overcame my fears I realized that only I can hold myself back from success. This job has helped me become mentally stronger than I was before.”

Frankly, she loves what she does. She loves getting to know people, the customer interaction, and the invigorating feeling of a completed sale.

“The fact that I was able to do this. You know that you’re successful only because you put in the work. I absolutely love that feeling,” Kaylee says.

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

Peace of mind goes a long way for Kaylee’s professional position right now. Working for a company that’s put itself in a good position moving forward is not something she takes for granted.

“The stability this company brings, especially in such unknown times in the country today, and the fact that I truly enjoy what I do on a daily basis. That’s what make me want to stay here,” Kaylee said.