Laura Allen's Story

(Accounts Payable - Saint Louis Office) - Family is everything to Laura Allen. She spends most of her spare time with her three children, three children-in-law, her six grandchildren, and her husband of 38 years, Eric.

“Everything revolves around the kids and my husband. When I went back to work (18 years ago), it had to be something that was good for the family unit,” Laura says.

She found that at Datamax. In fact, her daughter Erica worked part-time at Datamax over one summer and did inside sales full time there until her child was born; her oldest son David worked in the warehouse at Datamax for eight years; and her younger son, Bruce, worked as a runner and maintenance support for eight years as well. A true family affair.

Even more so, over time she’s found her own family unit with coworkers in St. Louis. Having that makes a workplace that’s simply hard to beat.

What led me to Datamax?

After several years of raising her children, Laura decided to seek full-time work again, but certain criteria had to be met.

  • It had to be close to home in case her kids needed her.
  • It had to have a safe and friendly feel
  • She had to feel though she would genuinely enjoy the work.

Through a newspaper ad, she found an opening at Datamax.

“When I walked in the doors, the place was so clean, the people were so friendly. The receptionist Judy was and still is so great at welcoming people into the building. When I left my interview, I remember thinking ‘I sure hope they call me back,’” Laura said.

My experiences at Datamax:

They did, of course, call Laura back. Over the years, she’s worked in Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, and helped in the Reception area, but currently serves in Corporate Accounts Payable. It’s a role she’s truly thrived in.

“I’m not a high-stress person. I’m pretty easygoing, so when we get on a time crunch I can take a step back and say ‘don’t worry, things will get done.’ I’m good at meeting deadlines. Also, I’ve been doing this so long, it comes easily to me, but requires a lot of details you have to watch for. After a while, it just comes naturally.”

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

“The people here respect your home life. They work with you. We’re all very close in this office. We’re all concerned about each other, and each other’s kids. We’ve all been here so long, it’s like a family.”

Family, of course, is everything to Laura Allen.