Lee Wise's Story

(TSG Sales Manager - Dallas/Fort Worth Office) - Ask Lee Wise about working at Datamax, and he’ll offer up 3 “Cs:” Challenge, comradery, and culture.

The TSG Sales Manager as a youth loved computers and drawing, moving him toward a potential future in architecture. He even had a full scholarship to study it as he approached college.

“My senior year of high school, we finally got AutoCAD at the school, and I HATED it. I thought it was going to be a marriage of my two favorite things, but I just didn’t like drawing on the computer.”

His passion for computers, however, persisted, even after he started his own small business. On a whim, he actually closed that and took a job in IT tech support. Eventually, after working with multiple companies and accumulating a host of technical certifications, he found Datamax.

What led me to Datamax?

“I had three offers at the time I accepted the position with Datamax,” Lee recalls.

It was during the initial interview process that Lee learned about the tenure of Datamax – the place suddenly felt less like a job and more like a career. But how is that tenure (10 years was average tenure in Dallas office at the time) achieved?

"I asked, how is that? And the answer was ‘it boils down to culture. We have this Little Blue Book, and he starts going through it, explaining that this is what we live by. Principles like: We have the right to disagree? Greet everyone in a positive manner? I loved it. If they truly live by this, then now it makes sense.”

My experiences at Datamax:

The challenge at Datamax for Lee has been forcing himself to focus on time management. As a Sales Manager, Lee is responsible for supporting reps in East Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Arkansas. His workdays are long. His commitments are deep and wide. Every minute counts.

But comradery certainly helps.

“The comradery of the sales team surprised me. Never have I seen the level of collaboration that happens in the sales team here,” Lee said. “I would absolutely refer a friend to work here. For all the reasons above – the challenge, the comradery, the Datamax culture!”

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

“Datamax has something great, but we are building something that is awesome. I want to be part of that,” Lee said. “I see the technology side of this business taking off. I envision us going from a copier dealer with a MSP business moving to being a significant MSP business. I’m excited about that.”