Melba Gipson's Story

(Supplies Coordinator - Tyler Office) - Melba Gipson likes people. She loves talking to them.

“I’ve never met a stranger!” Melba concedes. “In our business, providing technical support, people like talking to a real person when they have issues. I believe that once we keep people happy, we keep business.”

When Melba Gipson entered the office equipment industry 11 years ago, she wasn’t sure quite what to expect. But she knew she could make a difference.

Her customer service skills, her ultra-quick response to client needs, and just being a natural “people” person all factor into her success inside the clientCONNECT Center … and with solving client issues in an efficient yet friendly manner.

What led me to Datamax?

Melba looked at Datamax (then East Texas Copy Systems) as a second career in life.

Having spent more than 25 years in the financial industry, she was eager to take on a new challenge. She believed her background in “live person” customer service, along with her diversity training, would help her meet any challenge.

And she certainly did. Today, Melba helps fulfill, track and support toner needs in East Texas, but also provides customer support in a number of other areas over the phone. Problem seeker and problem solver, Melba’s on top of seeing service resolution all the way through.

“I felt like my customer service and dealing with the public would be an asset; so many companies have left that ‘live person’ on the other end of the phone to automation,” Melba said. “I love to make a difference, either for customers or fellow co-workers.”

My experiences at Datamax:

“Datamax is a large company, but it also maintains an open door for employees to express their ideas locally, as well as on the corporate level,” Melba said.

“There’s great benefits (401K plan and health insurance), everyone likes feeling like their family will be taken care of, even in retirement,” Melba said.

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

Datamax is a company ready for the future, Melba says.

“It’s a growing company. But it also promotes team play within the organization. When another office needs help, whether it be for supplies or technicians, everyone steps out and helps, even when it means traveling to another city. Datamax is just awesome.”