Michael Johnson's Story

(Service Supervisor - Tyler Office) - Michael Johnson is a problem seeker AND a problem solver.

At home, he’s a puzzle connoisseur and video game/tabletop game fanatic. At work, the East Texas-based service supervisor is known around the office as the “go-to” guy for unconventional service calls. Whether it’s a dot matrix printer, a folding machine, or a continuous feed printer, Michael’s the man to call. The strategy behind a unique fix is something he craves.

“I think I developed that sense by getting over the fear of breaking things,” Michael said. “We’ve got enough brainpower in this department, if I can’t fix it someone else can figure it out if we put our heads together. There’s always a solution to the problem. For me, that’s it: Not being afraid to try things. That enables me to tackle difficult problems.”

What led me to Datamax?

A former coworker at a previous job gave Michael a referral to then-East Texas Copy Systems. He was doing retail beforehand but was intrigued by the industry.

Once onboard, he took his training and ran with it.

“I did training and did a little bit of refurbing in the shop here. I moved into the field within around a month on the job,” Michael said.

My experiences at Datamax:

In 2019, Michael was promoted to supervisor. While his day-to-day hasn’t changed tremendously (other than the influx of technician support calls), he appreciates the opportunity to lend his expertise when a machine is giving someone fits.

“The work is enjoyable. The job is relatively stress-free. The work environment and culture are great. I get along with my coworkers. We’ve got a really great culture here, especially in the service department.”

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

“I’ve got a saying that people don’t leave jobs. They leave bosses. Having a good management team, with Justin (Harper) and also the guys in Dallas, is really great… If you take stress home with you, that’s not a positive. But that’s not the case for me here at Datamax.”