Quandre McCoy's Story

(Service Supervisor - Dallas/Fort Worth Office) -With 17 and a half years in this industry, those who know him wouldn’t be surprised to know that 16 of those are with Datamax. And if you ask Quandre, he’ll tell you he’s just getting started here.

After graduating with a Diploma in Electronics, Quandre moved around a few places in the industry, one of which was shut down, one of which was short-term. Nowhere, it seems, has stood out the way Datamax has. No other place has responded to his desire to better himself professionally (Quandre came on board as a technician, and has been promoted to lead tech and to his current role, Service Supervisor). No other place felt so much like home.

This veteran Service Supervisor in Dallas/Fort Worth owns many attributes that make him the excellent Service Supervisor he is today. For Service Manager Shawn Hay, one word comes to mind immediately. Caring.

“He cares for his customers. He cares for his technicians under him. He cares for his fellow employees,” Shawn said. “He’s dedicated, determined, and he wants to excel to better himself and his team.”

With this organization, he’s done just that. 


What led me to Datamax?

Before Datamax, Quandre worked for a major manufacturer and Canon competitor.

"The way I got started with copiers was out of fear of being unemployed. After I finished trade school with my Diploma in Electronics, I started a job as a bench tech. I did that for little over a year until they shut down and relocated,” Quandre said.  “This was a terrible time due to my wife and I had just bought a house and my youngest son was due at any time. So, after he was born, I posted my resume on monster and Xerox called me and hired me.”

After working there for a year, Quandre realized he loved being a copier tech. Then he saw a post that Datamax was hiring, so he applied and accepted a role in 2007. The rest, as they say, is history.

My experiences at Datamax:

“My experience with Datamax has been nothing but that of excitement and growth. All my peers have taught me and trusted me enough to make me a lead tech and on to a supervisor. This has been the longest I have ever been employed at one company. The benefits are awesome from medical to PTO and a company vehicle. I love my techs, manager, VP of Service, and the President of Datamax. So, it’s safe to say I will be retiring from Datamax.”


What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

“The opportunity they have given me. Never would I have thought I would be a supervisor with techs under me. The people at Datamax are like a second family. I have no enemies. I feel I belong there.”