Robert Baker's Story

(Business Technology Consultant - Tyler Office) - If one were to cut into Robert Baker’s arm, he or she might just see a hint of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, or Black trickle out from it. The toner, as they say, is in his blood.

His first job out of college (he graduated from Oklahoma State University in December 1987) was with Conoco Pipeline as an instrumentation technician. However, within mere months, he was serving as a service technician at a Canon dealer in Tulsa, Okla., and he hasn’t looked back since.

Robert’s worked for the first service bureau in Tulsa to print color files; he’s been an Operations Manager for an Apple Computer Value Added Reseller; he’s been on the front lines of connectivity (his technician ID number with EFI Support was 17); and he also spent 15 years at Canon as a systems engineer, a digital product marketing specialist and a regional field analyst.

“I made a decision early on in my career that I’d either go work for Canon or Apple. Eventually, just through my experience and my relationship with Canon, that’s the direction I ended up going in,” Robert said.

Long before he worked at Datamax, he knew many of the employees here well, because he supported them as a Canon rep.

Follow Robert’s career path far enough, and you’ll understand why Subject Matter Expert is an understatement. Speak with Robert long enough, and you’ll get a sense of his empathy, his genuine concern for customer issues and resolution, and his innate ability to Create Raving Fans wherever he goes.

What led me to Datamax?

After 15 years at Canon, Robert was anxious to settle in and lighten his weekly travel load. At that time, there were three dealerships (out of the 175 he supported) that he considered working with. One was a dealership out of El Paso (too far from his family); Datamax; and then-East Texas Copy Systems (who was acquired by Datamax in January 2018).

Ultimately, geography won out as East Texas Copy Systems was close to his aging parents. Even so, he had great admiration for everyone he knew at Datamax.

“I had a great respect for the leadership and the culture (at Datamax),” Robert said. “Them being a customer of mine (with Canon), I was very familiar with the organization and how they operated.”

My experiences at Datamax:

When it comes to both the hardware and solutions associated with our core competencies, Robert is a wealth of information. Document Management? Done it. Production Print? Knows it. Output Management? He has gotten his hands plenty dirty with the array of solutions.

Most recently, Robert has taken on the duty of supporting one of Datamax’s largest customers, UT Health East Texas. While the account is massive, he approaches each individual clinic or office need with a delicate, personalized touch - the kind that highlights not just expertise, but also, yes, empathy.
Even so, Robert’s quick to credit those around him for supporting the East Texas hospital.

“I enjoy taking care of UT Health. There’s no way I could do it without the entire team surrounding me. UT Health is definitely a team sport,” he says. “I just happen to do some quarterbacking on it.”

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

“It’s the enjoyment and satisfaction of being part of a winning organization. I don’t ever just come to work and grab a paycheck,” Robert said. “I appreciate the people and the team we have here, and we are truly a team. I’m talking logistics, service, admin, sales; the collaboration between departments and communication is special. It works.”