Steven J. Sumner's Story

(Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer - Saint Louis Office) - Being part of the Datamax family? It’s Steven J. Sumner’s lifeblood… in more ways than one.

The son of Datamax Inc. Owner Steve P. Sumner, Steven’s family history is deep within this organization. Steven’s grandfather, Edmund (Bud) Sumner, founded A.B. Dick Products Company of St. Louis in 1955. The business originated in the coded paper, mimeograph, and offset press business. In 1973, Steven’s father, Steven P. Sumner joined the corporation. By 1979, upon the untimely death of his father, Steven P. Sumner assumed leadership of A.B. Dick. A.B. Dick eventually took on the name of Datamax. Through the cultivation of multiple manufacturer relationships, the company transitioned its offerings into office equipment and technology services.

After hearing Steven speak about Datamax, he comments not on his own family, but rather communicates a solid connection to fellow employees, a shared commitment to excellence, and an organizational culture that is unlike any other. The people here continue to inspire him.

“Through the years, Datamax has become part of my identity. I am slightly biased, but I truly believe that the culture of our organization is uniquely our own, and like no other company,” Steven says. “I am pleasantly surprised at how many employees I have met through my years at Datamax who embrace and treat the company as if it were their own. This is impressive and admirable.”

What led me to Datamax?

Born and raised in St. Louis, Steven graduated from DePauw University in Greencastle, Ind. in 2003 with a B.A. in Communications, and went to work in the investment advisory industry. In January 2009, he joined the Datamax organization and started in sales. Two years later, he earned the role of Director of Technology Services in St. Louis. By early 2013, Steven was named Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer of Datamax Inc.

“I have absolutely no regrets as I reflect back to the time period in late 2008 when I made the final decision to come into the organization,” Steven says. “I have had exceptional mentors along the way, and I continue to learn more every day.”

My experiences at Datamax:

In his role, Steven is responsible for all corporate operations, administration, and finance. His oversight includes Human Resources, Risk Management, Accounting, Treasury, Information Technology, and Leasing. His commitment to corporate infrastructure is steadfast. But the corporate culture is equally crucial, he says.

“Our organization is dedicated to maintaining an exceptional culture, putting customers and employees first. Datamax is highly ethical and always does things the right way,” he says. “Datamax is largely responsible for allowing me to realize my full potential in many areas, particularly leadership.”

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

“I genuinely believe in who we are, what we do, and how we do it,” Steven says. “Datamax is a great place to work and the longstanding tenure we witness is a testament of this fact. The best is certainly yet to be!”