Todd Ashley's Story

(Lead Technician - Hot Springs Office) - Some know Todd Ashley as the lead copier technician in Little Rock. Others may know him as the drummer for Arkansas' favorite Rock ‘n’ Roll Cover Band Trip Switch. But we can all agree that, in either scenario, Todd Ashley truly rocks at what he does.

An outdoorsman, family man (wife, 5 kids, and 8 grandchildren), an avid Razorback fan, Todd creates his own Raving fans with an engaging personality, a ton of enthusiasm for his work, and the highest level of expertise to back it all up.

What led me to Datamax?

Todd found his way into the copier business in a unique manner. His best friend in school’s dad was an executive at the Xerox Corporation in Little Rock. Since his friend had obvious family connections, when Xerox downsized all their low and mid-volume copiers to agencies, he took on the first Xerox Service Agency and eventually convinced Todd to come along as a technician.

“He bugged me for a year or longer. He kept saying he knew I would be a great copier repair tech and computer tech. He finally gave me the right offer, and I accepted.”

Todd stayed there until 1999, when he went to work for Arkansas Copier Center. But as time went on (he stayed there 15 years), he continuously felt like he deserved better. When it was finally time to send out resumes, Datamax was one of those companies.

“Datamax had the best offer at the moment, and the rest is history. I chose Datamax and it proved to be a great decision.”

My experiences at Datamax:

When asked about some of the benefits of working at Datamax, he first mentions the company’s “wide family culture.” Datamax has a culture that is second to none – one that most companies could learn something from.

“The benefits Datamax offers to their employees and the freedom we have. With Datamax, you are family and not an employee number. I haven’t seen a company that recognizes every one of their employees’ birthdays and employment anniversary dates like Datamax does. These small things go a long way with people,” Todd says.

He also says that Datamax has made him a better technician, as well as a better human being. If you’re at Datamax, and you fail at your job duties, “it’s pretty much your fault,” he reasons.

“By this I mean, Datamax offers you all of the tools you would ever need to succeed at your career. It’s all at your disposal, including everything from training/education to physical tools and tool bags to benefits they offer.”

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

“The fact that I feel like I’m part of a family and not just an employee number. Great pay, great benefits, awesome work environment, awesome co-workers, I actually feel like I have a great potential for an awesome future here at Datamax. So much room for advancement within… Most of all, I wake up every day thanking God for allowing me the privilege of being alive, breathing for one more day, and allowing me to stay at Datamax.”