Trish Williams' Story

(Solutions Specialist, Little Rock Office)  Trish Williams crafts creative document scan processes and print management solutions the same way that Chip and Joanna renovate and redecorate neglected Waco-area homes.

Just as they do on the TV show Fixer-Upper, the results are astounding enough to make a client’s jaw drop. Trish’s technical expertise is a gift. And, for anyone who speaks with her long enough knows, also a passion.

What led me to Datamax?

“I first came to Datamax in the late 90s as their Product Trainer and Support and left in 2006. I worked for a started up company as an Account Manager. I went into insurance for a while. Enjoyed lake life so much I decide to take on being a Ship-store Manager and GM Assistant for three marinas at Eagle Mountain Lake. Then, I worked as a Marketing Director for a catering food truck company. I was sort of zooming around.

Then I was on a vacation visiting some friends and came back through Little Rock, and met with Barry (Simon). He discussed his plan to bring in more software solutions for our customers. I decided to return in February 2016 because that re-lit my passion for designing the relevant solution for businesses and their employees.

My experiences at Datamax:

Gosh, I was a KID when I first came here (laughs)! My first impressions of Datamax were that it was full of technology excitement and challenges. I knew nothing about copiers, but everyone took me under their wing. The amazing people at Datamax – that’s the clincher of it all.

And then there’s the technology capabilities we have. The portfolio of solutions we can pull from is so large that allows me to ensure the right solution that meets customer’s needs. There’ so much tenure here, people in Management, Sales, Network/Connectivity, and Service all with specialized training with so much experience. My main two focuses are Output Print Management as a whole, and Document Scan/Capture Process solutions. The options we offer and the training that goes along with it, really expands our solutions capability to think outside of the box, so to speak.

The full spectrum of solutions we offer customers drastically improves customer’s bottom line and day-to-day work experience, and I get to help in that process.

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

"Trish mentions multiple times the work-family culture that exists at Datamax – the great people she says she’s fortunate to work with, and the life-long friendships that have been created.

But how does one quantify that great work-family culture dynamic?

“When you get up in the morning, and you’re ok with going to work! You’re smiling coming in, and you’re happy to see every single person walking through that door,” Trish says.