William Washington's Story

(Service Technician, Little Rock Office) There were two signs that pointed to William Washington becoming a copier technician.

The first occurred when he was 16. He was waiting at the Police Station to take his driving test, but there was one problem – they couldn’t print the tests out. In walked a copier technician who methodically walked into the building with his tool bag, shined a flashlight into the machine, took it apart and pulled out the jam, and he was on his way.

“I saw him and noticed something – he was so happy. He was so excited about being there to fix the machine. Also, he was prepared, and that’s something I really liked. I said to myself right then, ‘I want to do that!”

The second happened years later.

William served four years in the US Marine Corps, where he inspected vehicles going onto aircraft and ships (he’d already been working on cars for years). After completing his duties, he earned an Associates Degree in Electronics. A friend of his from church was working as a copier technician at the time.

“He told me, ‘you’ve got a degree in electronics, you can work on vehicles, I’m going to put in an application for you!”

So he did. And the rest, as they say, is history.

What led me to Datamax?

William started his career at City Business Machines in Little Rock. He recalls being so excited about the initial training, that he’d read up on the next lesson prior to the next workday. By the time they covered a certain topic, he was already “in the know.”

“One day, they didn’t have enough technicians to pull the calls, and so they asked me to jump on one. I took care of it, got a positive comment from the customer, and from then I was so excited about doing this type of work,” William said.

After City Business Machines downsized, William was left looking for work. After a short stint in installing cable, a friend (who he'd worked with previously) told him about Datamax. 

“I got a chance to meet with all the managers and the executives. That was exciting for me! They also had a parts room – previously, we had to order an parts and then wait two to three days,” William said. “I even got to go to dinner with the managers. They cared about who they hired, and they cared about that person. Usually, they give you a bag and you never know who you’re going to work for.” 

My experiences at Datamax:

“I remember when Mr. Barry Simon first mentioned ‘Raving Fans.’ This is one of the biggest things to me. Not only for the company I work for, but for me period, to have raving customers. I get satisfaction when I go on site, solve a problem so that the customer can do his or her job.

"Datamax has the technology, the knowledge base to help us. Whatever it is, I can get information on what I need to do to repair a machine.”

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

“If someone asks me about Datamax, I tell them that it starts with you. To thrive at Datamax, you have to want to be a part of something bigger than yourself – and Datamax allows you to do that! They give you the ability to use your knowledge. The president is big on the health and well-being of his people. It’s not just a job. It’s about being part of a family.”