Datamax Little Blue Book Story - TERRI HACKMEYER

Terri Hackmeyer's Story

(Human Resources, St. Louis Office) In October 1990, St. Louis native Terri Hackmeyer returned to her hometown in search of a way to support herself and a two year old son. She found Datamax, and hasn’t looked back since.

What led me to Datamax?

It was actually a blind ad in a newspaper.  Before coming to Datamax, my first 'big girl' job was with McDonnell Douglas, working in their PR Marketing Department, and after that I worked at the Penny Saver in South Bend, Indiana.

When I returned to St. Louis, I interviewed two places. When I interviewed with Datamax, I came away with a really great impression. Everyone I spoke with seemed very down to earth and very sincere, and I didn’t get that feeling from the other company that offered me a position.

When I first started at Datamax, I was newly divorced, a first time mom and also on my own for the very first time in my life.  I was a little overwhelmed and a little insecure about my future.  Datamax immediately saw my potential and work ethic. They had patience with me as I grew not only as an employee but, also as a person."

My experiences at Datamax:

I think that I’ve always had a very strong work ethic, and have been working since I was 16. When I landed here, I think they saw that I wasn’t afraid to take on additional work, to just kind of jump right in. Management gives me the freedom to do my job, and they have faith that I will get it done.

It’s so nice to be somewhere where you are truly appreciated. I’ve been places before where that certainly wasn’t the case."

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

I’ve been here 28 years, I’d like to be able to retire from a company I have grown to consider family. I believe they are one of the last family-run business’ that truly cares about employees.