Judy Wood's Story

(Receptionist - Saint Louis Office) - Judy Wood had a great feeling about Datamax from the get-go.

The St. Louis-based receptionist delivers that great first impression every time the phone rings. She also works closely with Accounts Payable, and assists with the everyday problem solving for customers with every avenue of needs. For the 24 years that she’s been with Datamax, Judy’s role has evolved, and so, too, have her surroundings.

But the positive feeling she has about Datamax – and the positive experiences she creates for clients – hasn’t changed a bit.

“It might sound a little corny, but I really love people,” she says. “I’ve always known I need to work in some position where I could talk with people, greet people as they come in the door.”

What led me to Datamax?

In May 1996, Judy responded to a classified in the local South County Journal newspaper. She had a good impression of the company in her first interview, and when she was called back for a second interview, she kept her fingers crossed.

“It was just a great rapport that we had (in her interviews). I remember thinking ‘this would be sooo good. I hope that I get this job,'” she recalls. “And that was the beginning of a great journey that I treasure today.”

My experiences at Datamax:

“First, I would say, the positive work environment. Everyone is always so willing to help, and go the extra mile when needed. Also, I must say that Datamax offers their employees great benefits such as health insurance, 401k, and vacation time. Another benefit for me is the feeling of pride for this organization and their culture,” Judy said.

“I have always loved working with the public, and working with great people. I must also say that I have a wonderful and understanding boss, Sheryl Scott. She has helped me in so many ways. All the management at Datamax is so supportive.”

What makes me want to stay at Datamax?

“When people ask about my job, I always tell them that I really feel that something led me here. It was just the right spot for me,” Judy said. “I feel very blessed that it’s a company that cares about its employees.”