What does fanatical copier repair service look like? Consider these four metrics.

When asked, “How likely would they recommend Datamax to a friend or colleague,” our customers (12,483 responses) have given us an average Net Promoter Score® of 93.1 since 2012.

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Response (Hours State-wide)

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Response + Resolution (Hours)

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First Call Completion (%)

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Recommendation Rating (1-10)

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The Datamax Service Response Quadrant.
(All figures above are based on six (6) month average for all equipment.)

Why these four metrics?

We believe a differentiator that's not valued by the customer is definitely not a competitive advantage. If it’s not relevant, we know it doesn’t matter. — Robert Caldwell, Vice President, Marketing

Source: Jaynie L. Smith, Smart Advantage

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Are you fanatical about your current copier service experience? ... or just flat frustrated?

Whether it's a technician scratching his or her head about an issue they've "never seen before," you wondering when they'll arrive or how to get someone on the phone, or just the extended, frequent downtime that's costing you profits and productivity, we understand the frustration.

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The responsiveness of your copier service provider — is it worth raving about?

Simply stating you provide superior service and support is not good enough today. Every vendor says it, but until you experience it, you really can’t be sure.

So what do you look for? At Datamax, we believe winning is not about the team (service provider) that simply arrives at the stadium (or office) first. It’s about the team who's best prepared and best executes on the field (on the call).

If you're considering a change with your current office equipment service provider, we'd  love to join the conversation.  If afforded the chance, we'll be ready to share how our responsive service approach, quantitative service level agreement metrics, and award winning technical staff can turn you into another Datamax raving fan!



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