Copier Repair Service - Response.

You can't be stuck in the blocks when providing high-speed response to customer support / service requests — wherever you are in the state.

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Copier Repair Service - Response.

You can't be stuck in the blocks when providing high-speed response to customer copier support / service requests.

Responding quickly to customers "is" the foundation of great customer service. Business interruptions and disruptions are costly, annoying, and painful. A copier service provider who can’t address and then accurately interpret service requests intelligently and with speed has little value.

When you combine rapid response with the ability to address customer service support calls and service requests; those interruptions and disruptions become merely small bumps in your business day.

We focus on response because our customers (and potential customers) are adamant about it – and they’ve told us so. Based on a recent double-blind customer survey, measuring 28 factors that most influence customer buying decisions (not what product innovations they want), high-speed responsiveness to support and service requests ranked second. And when our customers tell us what’s important to them, we listen and work to exceed their expectations.

If you're tired of waiting and wondering when your current copier repair company is going to service your broken copier, isn't it time to do better? Let's talk!

Our Raving Fan Metric for Response Intervals:

4,343 Service Calls were Responded to AND Resolved within 4 business hours for the last 12 months.

1,762 Service Calls were responded to in less than TWO (2) hours.
1,886 Service Calls were responded to in less than ONE (1) hour.


Our Raving Fan Metric for Response:

For the last 6 months, Datamax averaged a 4-hour and 20-minute (4:20) response time for ALL Service Calls state-wide. (3:42 for Little Rock Metro Calls)

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Phillip, Industry: Non-Profit Church

“This letter comes to you to strongly recommend Datamax as a business partner. As the director of communications at our Church, I have worked with Datamax for many years and they have provide exceptional expertise, knowledge and service to our entire staff and ministry areas. The team of Datamax employees who have served our church have been very friendly, responsive and thorough. We have had the pleasure of working with several Datamax people and all have done a great job for us. I would confidently recommend John, Mary Nell, Ken, David or any of the Datamax personnel to your company to meet any of the needs Datamax can service that you may encounter.”
Leslie Don, Industry: Healthcare

“We would like to thank Datamax for the dependable service and quality of the Canon equipment. In the past twelve years, I can honestly say that Datamax has gone above and beyond to meet our ever expanding needs. Your service team has always been professional and very responsive in resolving our service demands. We look forward to a long relationship and continued growth with Datamax.”
Richard, Industry: Public Relations

"Our business chose Datamax for the superior service and practicality of the technology provided. We appreciate knowing that if a problem comes up, all we have to do is call or email Kristy and she makes sure we are taken care of because in our fast pace business, quick response is the key to efficiency and success. We appreciate all that Datamax has to offer such as dependability and a knowledgeable staff and we look forward to our continued relationship with this company.”