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Print Accounting

If you don't measure it, you can't manage it.

Stop guessing at how much you spend on printing and copying documents. Print accounting software allows you to know exactly how many documents are printed, which devices they are printed on, and who printed the documents.

Understanding and tracking print usage is the first, essential step to controlling out-of-control print costs.

Our software tracks a huge number of metrics, including:

  • Usage by device
  • Usage by individual
  • Color and black and white jobs
  • Average job size
  • Volume
  • Print jobs started via mobile print

For businesses that need charge-back capabilities (such as legal firms), any networked printer or digital copier can be assigned a printing cost and charges can be tracked by user and/or department:

  • Create a budget for each user
  • Expensive jobs require manager authorization
  • Charge budgets via cost codes that you create

All of this information is delivered in easy-to-read and configurable reports so your finance director can actively monitor cost savings and other improvements. Reports can even be configured to track environmental information – carbon emissions saved via double-sided printing, for example.

When combined with print rules, you can rapidly bring your printing budget under control.

Are you ready to track the true cost of printing?

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