Print Accounting Software

If you don't measure it, you can't manage it.

Without full visibility and accurate tracking of your devices, your users, and your volumes, measuring your organization’s print costs becomes a mere guess. Print Accounting Software empowers you to track printing, measure your ongoing costs, and ultimately identify areas where you can operate with higher efficiency.

By utilizing this software via cloud or on-premise deployment (as part of a Datamax Print Management engagement), you create the opportunity to fully measure usage, better manage your print, and realize cost savings.

Track key metrics in your print environment.

  • Generate reports for user, device, and group or multi-level cost center
  • View device usage across the entire network
  • Analyze trends of volume, color use, average job size, etc.
  • Assess where savings can be made
  • Measure carbon emissions saved via responsible printing rules
  • Track mobile printing jobs

Enable charge-back capabilities.

For businesses that need charge-back capabilities (such as legal firms), any networked printer or digital copier can be assigned a printing cost and charges can be tracked by user and/or department:

  • Create a budget for each user
  • Expensive jobs require manager authorization
  • Charge budgets via cost codes that you create

Print insights are delivered in easy-to-read and configurable reports/dashboards (powered by PaperCut or uniFLOW), so you can actively monitor cost savings and other improvements.

PaperCur Dashboard

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